Wednesday Morning Update

Top Chef: Predictions for tonight’s episode. Fan upset by Padma’s attitude. 

American Idol: Does Fox want to get rid of Ryan Seacrest as an Idol host? David Cook’s former bandmates talk about what his life was like pre-Idol. Carly Simon is a big Brooke White fan. Fox wants to change the format of Idol. Paula Abdul screws up and critiques Jason Castro on a second song, when he only sang one. 

Survivor Micronesia: Jeff Probst signs on for more seasons, hints at where the location is for the next season, and talks about his break-up with Julie Berry.

Dancing With the Stars: Shannon Elizabeth cut. Karina says her and Mario are just fine.

Beauty and the Geek: This season might be its last. 

The Hills: Jason Wahler says he doesn’t have sex tape of Lauren.


Tuesday Morning Update

Not much news today. Here’s what I could dig up:

The Bachelor: Picks Chelsea over Amanda, despite declaring earlier in the episode that he was feeling more love from the sea turtles he was swimming with than Chelsea. 

American Idol: Carly Smithson talks about Simon’s harsh comments and life after Idol. Don’t hate – it’s Neil Diamond week. Fox is considering major changes to Idol after sinking ratings.

The Hills: Read the Us Weekly recap of last night’s episode.

Top Chef: Casting call for Season Five includes New Orleans among other large cities. Like the rest of us, Padma Lakshmi just wants her mommy. Celebrities to visit Top Chef and Step it Up and Dance this week.

Survivor: Jeff Probst hints that another castaway will leave – but won’t be voted off.

Other Reality Stars: Brooke Hogan denied entrance to three colleges because of VH1 camera crew. Kathy Griffin and Apple billionaire break up.


Monday Morning Update

The Bachelor: Through the magic of conference calls, Noelle dishes to Colorado newspaper about not getting a rose. Web sites Reality TV World, and Reality Wanted also write about it. 

Real Housewives of New York City: The show is over, but the drama continues. Turns out Alex McCord wasn’t the only “housewife” to go topless in the past.

Survivor: Jason talks to Buddy TV about the confusing immunity idols and much more. And another interview with Reality TV World.

American Idol: Top Five contestants answer questions from a writer for the official “American Idol” Web site.

Friday Morning Update

Sorry for the long absence. But, I’m baaaaack. Here’s your morning update:

Top Chef: Jennifer Biesty says goodbye, talks about her surprising ouster. Read a summaryof the last episode.

American Idol: Read a summary of the last episode. And another. Apparently Twittershouldn’t be relied on to make accurate predictions of who is out and who is in. Clay Aiken says people don’t care about his sexuality.

Real Housewives of New York City: Read a summary of the reunion show. And anotherhere. Want to wear what Ramona was wearing? Buy it here. LuAnn talks about her dog,Aston. What the housewives think of a Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Hills: Lawsuit filed against MTV by two production assistants who worked on The Hills. Nobody puts Heidi in the corner, except, I guess, the White House.

Survivor Micronesia: What happened in the last episode here.

New Reality Shows: Say what? The super-secretive Jennifer Lopez, who has tried so hard to keep her personal life private, will star in her own reality show. (Which she produces, of course.)

Former Reality Stars: Tori Spelling interviewed by MTV. Nick Lachey to host High School Musical reality show.


Tuesday Morning Update

The Hills: Read Us Weekly’s show re-cap in which Heidi freaks out when she sees Spencer flirting. Brody endorses Barack Obama after Heidi said she’s supporting John McCain. Heidi has a fashion show. Lauren to go to White House dinner. Heidi slams idea of a Hills movie.

Project Runway: Elle says auf Wiedersehen to Nina Garcia. Thoughts on Manuel’s departure.

Survivor Micronesia: Interview with Eliza after she was kicked off.

American Idol: David Cook’s cancer-stricken brother to appear at a taping this week.

Real Housewives of New York City: Tonight is the finale, and will there be another season? After Bethenny’s boyfriend was fired for appearing on the show, addresses whether just about anyone can be fired for appearing on a reality TV show.

Top Chef: Holds auditions in New Orleans.

Former Reality Stars: Ashlee Simpson is engaged and pregnant.



Thursday Morning Update

Dancing With the Stars: Adam Corolla is relieved that he was kicked off. More on Corolla from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Survivor: Interview with ousted contestant Ami.

The Bachelor: Andy Baldwin talks to People about his budding romance. And Marla Maples talks about Andy, too.

Top Chef: Thoughts on Top Chef from Dana Cree, pastry chef at Veil. Interview with contestant Valerie.

American Idol: A show re-cap

Beauty and the Geek: Jonathan explains why he felt betrayed.

New Reality Shows: Will Axl Rose get his own show? What about Pamela Anderson?

Behind the Camera: Reality TV show workers file claims for unpaid overtime.


Tuesday Morning Update

The Hills: Us Weekly’s summary of last night’s episode. Stephanie Pratt opens up about Heidi-Spencer and her new friendship with Lauren. Boston Globe: what’s so great about this show anyway?

Dancing With the Stars: Kristi Yamaguchi scores first tens on DWTS.

American Idol: Judge predictions on who will win. Show has contingency plan if someone can’t perform.

The Bachelor: Former bachelorette speaks out.

Project Runway: Is it going to Lifetime?

Secret Life of a Soccer Mom: Newsweek examines this show in its latest issue. 

Real Housewives of New York City: Naked pics of Alex McCord surface. Ramona really is like us, she rides the subway. Bethenny’s boyfriend sues after he was fired for appearing on the show.

New Reality Shows: Pamela Anderson to have her own show on E!

And, what’s up with all these reality shows anyway? Why are they all the same?