Friday Morning Update

Sorry for the long absence. But, I’m baaaaack. Here’s your morning update:

Top Chef: Jennifer Biesty says goodbye, talks about her surprising ouster. Read a summaryof the last episode.

American Idol: Read a summary of the last episode. And another. Apparently Twittershouldn’t be relied on to make accurate predictions of who is out and who is in. Clay Aiken says people don’t care about his sexuality.

Real Housewives of New York City: Read a summary of the reunion show. And anotherhere. Want to wear what Ramona was wearing? Buy it here. LuAnn talks about her dog,Aston. What the housewives think of a Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Hills: Lawsuit filed against MTV by two production assistants who worked on The Hills. Nobody puts Heidi in the corner, except, I guess, the White House.

Survivor Micronesia: What happened in the last episode here.

New Reality Shows: Say what? The super-secretive Jennifer Lopez, who has tried so hard to keep her personal life private, will star in her own reality show. (Which she produces, of course.)

Former Reality Stars: Tori Spelling interviewed by MTV. Nick Lachey to host High School Musical reality show.


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