Friday Morning Update

Apologies for missing yesterday’s update. Here’s a bigger update to make up for it:

The Hills: The girls play nice for Rolling Stones cover. Barack Obama reads a shout-out to the Hills during Letterman’s Top Ten.

The Bachelor London Calling: Ousted bachelorette Amanda goes on Oprah, says she confronts Matt in next week’s reunion show. Another, more in-depth, interview written up by Reality TV World.

American Idol: Brooke talks about her departure from the show in a conference call. Here’s USA Today’s take. And Insider Online’s write-up. Simon’s first kiss calls into the show, leaving him flustered. Paula Abdul’s song mix-up isn’t that unusual for the show, blogger says.

Top Chef: Read Slashfood’s recap of the last episode, where making a $10 dinner proved too much for some contestants.

Real Housewives: Yes, it’s true. There will be a Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dancing With the Stars: Shannon Elizabeth plays coy about possible romance with her dancing partner.

Workout: Spoiler alert! Brian Peeler to leave the show.

Reality TV shows: Expert says they portray dangerous images of women.


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