Tuesday Morning Update

Top Chef: The scoop on the finale, which is taping this week.

Project Runway: More drama in the battle between NBC and Lifetime.

American Idol: Can you accurately predict a winner? Paula Abdul should leave the show, Web site says. Simon says apology from Paula not necessary.

The Mole: Bumped a week, and ABC reveals four of the contestants.

The Bachelor: London Calling: Robin tries to explain herself during Women Tell All. Read a summary of Women Tell All if you missed it.

Bravo: The network will start selling cookbooks,cruises and workout videos.

New Reality Shows: MTV’s Legally Blonde the Musical show to debut June 2.

ON TONIGHT: Work Out, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars

One Response

  1. i believe you should ignore what that guy over at buddy tv says about Paula. the guy is a Clear male chauvinist pig who has been wanting Paula off the show for years. mostly because he disagrees with her, female way of judging. and i found that to be very disturbing. just let the woman judge the way she wants! it is obviously working, since the show is still nr 1. and to say she is always embarassing herself is ridiculous. she has been perfect this whole season except for one mistake.

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