Monday Morning Update

WorkOut: Jackie talks to Elle magazine and dishes about why she gets along better with straight women than lesbians. Greg writes about his reaction to Jackie’s fitness clothing line.

American Idol: Info on Idol’s summer tour. David Archuleta’s fans blog about why he will win. Newsday on which David will win. Las Vegas odds also on David Archuleta to win. Taylor Hicks to join the cast of Broadway’s Grease. Idol singers often land on Broadway. Syesha Mercado talks about getting voted off and her plans for the future, which include, well, doing just about everything.

Top Chef: Interview with latest ousted chef, Andrew, in which he reveals Sam Talbot was wearing shoulder pads and that Lisa’s efforts to get him kicked out still rankle him. Adam Platt’s take on last week’s episode. Another interview with Andrew.

Survivor: Micronesia: Here come the interviews! Interview with Natalie Bolton, the last fan standing. Amanda talks about what it was like to come so close to winning, twice.

The Hills: What it’s like to hang with Heidi and Spencer. Audrina may be out of the picture, Perez Hilton says.

The Bachelor: London Calling: Right after the finale, Girls Gone Wild magazine publishes racy photo shoot with Shayne. Matt and Shayne talk about their romance and the origins of “monkey.”

America’s Next Top Model: Whitney talks about how she didn’t think she was going to win, and the friends she’s made while filming the show.

Step it Up and Dance: Read last week’s episode summary.

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