Your Guide to the Bachelorette

I watched The Bachelorette last night and as usual, got sucked in. The men are as catty and competitive as the ladies. DeAnna comes across as Miss Sunny Side of Life, even though Chris Harrington and some of the men kept dropping the B-word – Brad. And it’s clear she already has her favorites. I think Jeremy, Graham, Jason and Ron might go a long way.

I’ve put together a guide for all of you Bachelorette fans. I’ll try and update this as the show goes along. 

Click here to go to the ABC Web site for the show. You’ll find bios on all the men, a message board, episode recaps, video, photos and a blog.

Buddy TV’s page devoted to DeAnna.

Her November interview with Reality TV World.

The article on DeAnna in her local newspaper.

Jeremy apparently does go far in the show, according to Dallas magazine.

The interview with Entertainment Tonight (on video.)

Read a Newsday story on Deanna.


The Bachelorette: Bachelorette contestant (and chef) Robert Fair’s Web site. An interview with rejected bachelor and math teacher Jeff Harris. An interview with rejected bachelor Jon Konkel. Interview with rejected bachelor Chandler Fulton. Another interview with Chandler. A recap of last night’s episode. And another recap by Buddy TV. And another. Trista gives DeAnna some advice and picks her favorite. More information on contestant Ryan Hoag aka The Virgin.



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