Monday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: A transcript from Graham’s conference call interview last week. Rumor is that Jason will propose, and that Jeremy is out due to a family emergency. Graham’s interview with New York magazine.

The Bachelor: London Calling: Here we go again…are Matt and Shayne on the rocks?

The Hills: An interview with fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone, with her take on Whitney and the popularity of the show.

America’s Next Top Model: What Cycle 9 runner-up Chantal Jones is up to now.

Real Housewives of New York City: Jill Zarin’s claws come out when she talks about fellow “housewife” Alex McCord and her husband Simon.

American Idol: Rubben Studdard gets married. Former Idol finalist Blake Lewis dropped from his label.

Top Chef: Washington Post’s lovely take on what sort-of finalist Spike Mendelsohn is up to these days.

What’s this? Someone has opened a reality TV school.


Friday Morning Update

The Hills: Neighbors don’t like the noisy production crews near Lauren Conrad’s home. Mary-Kate Olsen isn’t a fan of Spencer.

American Idol: The show announces its audition dates and locations.

The Bachelorette: Graham Bunn plays defense, says he might not have accepted a rose had he received one. Another interview with Graham where he says “we’re just not right for each other.”

Top Chef: What winner Stephanie Izard is up to these days

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Bravo reveals details of its new show in Atlanta.

Survivor: Gabon: The show will premiere Sept. 18.

Thursday Morning Update

Top Chef: What Richard is up to after Top Chef. Are the next contestants headed to Williamsburg?

The Bachelorette: A preview of next week’s episode.

The Hills: Heidi and Spencer launch their own social network site.

Real Housewives of New York City: Bethenny launches a new line of vegan desserts.

Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis talks about seeking therapy and the new season. Another interview with Jeff and Jenni about what its like to be reality stars and Jeff’s attempts to work out his issues.

WorkOut: An interview with Brian Peeler and Gregg Butler on what they’re up to now and how the surprising circumstances in which they got onto the show.

Project Runway: Tim Gunn panicked at the idea of moving the show to Los Angeles.

New reality show: Baby Borrowers brings baby-hungry teens face-to-face with the reality of raising children.

All About Graham

So as you all know, Graham did not receive a rose during Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette. This led to many fans discussing the good old “was he in it for the right reasons?” question.

My opinion is no. Check out Exhibit A, his Web site, complete with modeling pictures.

Below are more links:

Here is his fan-created Facebook page. Here are his stats from his basketball days. What a friend had to say about Graham. Could Graham come back onto the show? His page on BuddyTV. A Graham-focused message board post.

So what do you think? And if you have any more links or stories about Graham, please share them.

Tuesday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: DeAnna shocks viewers by getting rid of Graham, a perceived front-runner. Read a summary of last night’s show. Another good summary with quotes from the episode.

The Hills: Heidi’s new single is praised. Listen to her new single

American Idol: Ruben Studdard is engaged. Randy says Paula is doing great after her split.

Real Housewives of New York City: A fascinating article in New York Magazine about Alex McCord.



Reality Update will go on hiatus until June 24. 

Thursday Morning Update

Top Chef: Stephanie wins! Read a recap here. The Chicago Tribune story (don’t miss live chat at 1 p.m. Central Time.) Ready for Top Chef Junior?

Real Housewives: Coming soon…Real Housewives of Atlanta.

America’s Next Top Model: Casting continues, must be between 18-27 years of age and at least 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

The Bachelor: London Calling: Did Matt and Shayne split up?

The Hills: Details of Brody Jenner’s “Bromance” show released.

The Mole: Eliminated contestant Liz Cain talks about why her strategy of putting all her eggs in one basket didn’t work.