The Bachelorette: Episode 3

This episode started with Chris reminding the guys the rules of the Bachelorette one-on-one dates. If you are on a one-on-one and you don’t get a rose, you’re going home right away.

Then he sends Paul, Jeremy and Graham up to DeAnna’s mansion to stay for the next few days.

The three men greet DeAnna and they almost immediately jump into the pool. DeAnna comments on how attracted she is to Jeremy, and that Graham is “hot.” Poor Paul doesn’t get a mention. They lather themselves up with sunscreen and then all three guys work on getting the sunscreen on DeAnna, who seems to enjoy all the attention. They work their way into the hot tub, where the always clever Bachelorette producers cut to a scene of the guys staying in the “outhouse” in the back wondering what the guys in the house are up to. Jesse is the oracle, saying they are  probably in the pool. The men seem to turn to Jesse a lot for answers since he was in the house the first week. 

The three men staying in the nice house travel down to the “outhouse” to deliver the date card. It’s for one person – Richard. The quiet science teacher is pleased, and lots of backslapping ensues.

DeAnna says she hopes there is a connection and that he is funny and easy to get along with. She hopes sparks will happen on this date. While on the date, DeAnna asks him about previous relationships. Richard reveals he has never brought a woman home before. Uh-oh. He stammers a bit, but basically says that no woman has met his standards enough to be brought home. He’s very close to his family, he said. Ouch to all the women who have dated Richard.

The guys back at home are speculating on the date. Jesse said there is a 95 percent chance Richard is coming home. They are shooting pool and seem to be having a good time just hanging out.

Richard nervously tells the camera that he wants to kiss DeAnna. He says he wants to lean in 80 percent, and hope she comes the rest of the 20 percent to kiss him. In typical teacher fashion he asks her a True or False question. True or false, should she take risks in love. DeAnna says true, but there is a bit of a wary look in her eyes. She’s smiling at him a lot, but isn’t making the effort to get closer to him. So she takes him on a carriage ride, hoping that will spark some romantic interest.

The carriage ride is painful to watch, as both people mainly stare at the Los Angeles streets and comment about how awesome and cool it is to be on a carriage ride, like Cinderella. DeAnna notes that he’s looking at her with “loving in his eyes” but that she doesn’t feel the same way. DeAnna shuts the party down pretty fast, asking the driver to pull over in front of the Gehry-design museum and tells Richard that she thinks he’s funny and nice but there isn’t romantic feelings for him. Richard seems stunned, and gets out of the carriage, but not before giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek goodbye.

He grabs a taxi and says later that “his heart hurts quite a bit” and that DeAnna broke his heart. “I was too much of a friend, I guess,” he said. 

The next day, the remaining men except Jason are selected to go on a cowboy-themed date. They are given shirts, hats and boots to wear. They seem excited, and quickly don the new attire. Jason says he’s happy to get a one-on-one with DeAnna, but is a little jealous about how cool their date is. 

“I am definitely in my element,” DeAnna says to the camera. “I am a southern girl.” And boy, does her Southern-ness come out. She says they are “fixin’ to do some line-dancing.” They get line-dancing lessons, and although the men don’t look like they’re doing that bad, Graham laments at how horrible he is. Then the line-dance teacher makes them do solo dances, where of course DeAnna out-does all the guys. Then they get on the mechanical bull where all the men don’t seem to stay on very long, but Jesse stays on the longest. When DeAnna gets on, to her credit, she fakes that she hurts herself in a fall. All the guys rush to help her, with Jesse in the lead, but Ron stays back. “Who wasn’t a gentleman?” DeAnna asks, looking accusingly at Ron. 

DeAnna and the men sit around the campfire, where Twilley attempt to sing a campfire song that goes awry because he can’t remember the words. Awkward. Then she pulls the men aside for one-on-one time. She asks Jesse about his past relationships. Jesse said he broke up with his last girlfriend because she was too dependent on him. She would introduce herself as Jesse’s girlfriend instead of her name and he says he wants a woman who is independent and has her own identity. Swoon. DeAnna seems intrigued by Jesse’s revelations. 

She pulls aside Ron to quiz him about the tension with Jeremy. Ron says that he doesn’t think Jeremy is a “guy’s guy,” and that he is. DeAnna doesn’t seem impressed with is explanation. She tells him that Jeremy impressed her because he opened up so much. Ron returns to the camp fire where he tells Jeremy what he told her, harshly explaining that Jeremy just isn’t a guy’s guy, and making the rest of the men back him up. Then he says “no judgement against you,” which Jeremy called him out on and said of course he’s judging him. The man-fighting continues when Fred and Graham bust in on Jeremy’s one-on-one with DeAnna. Jeremy seems like he has the right intentions, but is a little boring and knows how to say the right things. Nevertheless, DeAnna seems to lap it all up. She pulls Robert aside for some one-on-one, too. Robert had been complaining about the process, pouting that he never got any time with her. When he did, he told her that he couldn’t feel his fingers because he was so into her and that he wanted the connection they had the first night to reappear.

DeAnna ends up giving Robert the rose, which completely turn things around for him.

The next day, Jason gets ready to go on his date, which he learns will be “under the stars.” With Richard sent home on the last one-on-one, he feels the pressure is on. DeAnna comes to the guy’s house to pick him up, remarking on how messy it is. The guys seem really confused to see DeAnna there, instead of up in her mansion and don’t know what to do. Finally a helicopter appears and the guys don’t seem to get at first that it’s for Jason. Finally DeAnna says “that’s our ride,” and Jason is pumped, smiling and pumping his fist in the air. The helicopter ride goes well, and there seems to be a lot of chemistry between the two. Jason holds her hand during the ride.

They go to a big telescope in the mountains where DeAnna has a romantic dinner for two waiting for them. This is when Jason drops the T-bomb, revealing that he has a child named Ty or is it Tyler?DeAnna reacts very well, smiling and saying that she thinks its great, cooing over pictures he brought of his child. He seems relieved it went so well. DeAnna tells the camera that she is totally cool with him having a child, no matter how hard the producers seem to want to create drama there.

Later they peer into the telescope and the stars, and Jason asks if he can kiss her. He does. Both say the date went very well and of course he gets a rose.

The next day DeAnna picks up all the men and says she has a surprise. She takes them to the Ellen DeGeneres studio where she has Ellen quiz the men for her. They learn Ellen will actually give out the last rose. She asks some good questions, such as getting each men to explain what they like most about DeAnna. Fred surprisingly gives a very heartfelt response and Jeremy gives what I think is a very rehearsed response. (You can tell, I’m not a Jeremy fan, but maybe I’ll change my mind as the show goes on.) She also asks who has had the longest relationship and who has had the shortest. Ron says he’s had the longest, 12 years, and Ellen figures out he’s been  married. Graham’s had the shortest, which was a grand total of 5 months. She has the men do dance-offs in which they all dance pretty badly. Then she discusses them with DeAnna. She says Graham is “scared to death” and Jeremy is ready to commit to her right now. She points to some guy we can’t see and says he won’t be staying around very long. DeAnna thanks her for the insight and she brings the guys back out, but not before making them show her what they look like in Ellen boxers. They look pretty good, I must say.

Then Ellen brings a small boom box with a tape that plays the dramatic Bachelorette/Bachelor rose ceremony music. She slowly walks past the men and gives Fred the lawyer the rose! Fred seems really excited to receive it. I think Fred is a really nice guy, but won’t make it far in the show.

At the final rose ceremony, DeAnna talks to Ron again. He says he was having doubts about her but then got a case of the “DeAnns” and liked her. She asks him to tell her something fun and he completely mishandles the question, saying “I’m a fun guy,” with a panicked look on his face. DeAnna has a deer-in-headlights look too. They conversation clearly didn’t go well.

Cut to the rose ceremony, where DeAnna gives all the men roses except Paul and thank god, Ron. Paul was a sweet kid, but no match for Jeremy. And Ron was a little too creepy for her, plus they had no chemistry. Good decisions, but I wonder how long people like Sean the martial arts dude are sticking around?

Until next time…..

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