All About Graham

So as you all know, Graham did not receive a rose during Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette. This led to many fans discussing the good old “was he in it for the right reasons?” question.

My opinion is no. Check out Exhibit A, his Web site, complete with modeling pictures.

Below are more links:

Here is his fan-created Facebook page. Here are his stats from his basketball days. What a friend had to say about Graham. Could Graham come back onto the show? His page on BuddyTV. A Graham-focused message board post.

So what do you think? And if you have any more links or stories about Graham, please share them.

One Response

  1. Personally, Graham should have left a long time ago. Deanna tried so hard to get him to open up, but he wouldn’t…the results…silence. Go Deanna! It was about time you lost him. He was not there for you, honey. He only cares about himself and he was not there for the right reasons. Not marriage material. I am really pulling for the upcoming 3. The last episode made me cry for Jason and his son. Also Jeremy and his mother. Jesse’s family is really great too. I don’t know who to pull for now!

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