Thursday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: An interesting analysis on DeAnna’s final choice. Jason Mesnick says he will consider being the next Bachelor. Another interview with Jason from a Seattle newspaper, that, sadly, doesn’t explain what exactly an account executive is. After said interview is posted, women clamor for Jason’s contact information. And yet another interview with Jason (Thanks, Pamela). DeAnna and Jesse discuss why they fell in love and what’s to come next. Listen to her interview with Ryan Seacrest. Jesse and Deanna will appear at tonight’s L.A. Dodgers game. Is DeAnna already pregnant? Jeremy, the lawyer, says he pored over his Bachelorette contract before going on the show. UPDATE: Jesse interviewed in this 2005 article.

The Bachelor: Shayne and Matt say split rumors are completely untrue. UsWeekly has pictures from Andrew Firestone’s wedding

America’s Next Top Model: Former Model winner Jaslene is dating rapper Young Berg.

American Idol: Skechers signs David Cook to a global deal.

Random bits: Mark Burnett sued by his business partner for $70 million. What are the most overused reality show phrases? Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre wants her own reality show.

2 Responses

  1. Good updates!! Very juicy! here is a pic of Andrew Firestone and his wife on their honeymoon:

  2. Is Jason for real? He is the PERFECT man! He is affectionate, happy with life and how can you not notice his extremely good looks and the way the man kisses! the man gives me goose bumps all over. I have a 11 year old daughter so I unerstand how hard it is to date being a single parent. Ty is so cute and Jason seems to be a devoted, loving father. How does one get in touch with Jason? I’d love to know, please
    e-mail me!!!!!

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