Monday Morning Update


UPDATE (1 p.m.): Project Runway contestants unveiled

American Idol: The Seattle Times reviews the American Idol tour, praising both Davids for their performance.

America’s Next Top Model: The Colorado audition has a surprising low turnout. Inside the Lubbock audition, with an interview on the area’s winner.

The Hills: Audrina says she didn’t move out of the house.

The Bachelorette: Jesse tells his hometown paper there were lots of little moments between him and DeAnna that never aired, like cooking each other breakfast.

Real World: A summary of this season’s reunion show.

Big Brother: It doesn’t start until July 13, but to get you in the Big Brother-ish mood, here’s a top ten list of villains from previous seasons.

WorkOut: Is Jackie Warner dating an ex?

Flipping Out: A fascinating look into the world of Jeff Lewis.

The Apprentice: Joan Rivers to be on the show’s next celebrity edition.

The Amazing Race: Lesbian couple from the show get married.

Random bits: Read about how actors feel about reality television. A television writer’s experience of being on a simulated “Big Brother” show, and how the team of writers quickly feel into reality show cliches.

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