Tuesday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: DeAnna reveals details about her wedding. If you missed the Where Are They Now episode featuring former Bachelors and Bachelorettes, here is a great summary.

America’s Next Top Model: New modeling photos of former Top Model contestant Dominique.

Big Brother: The show elects its head of household during the first episode.

The Mole: Alex was kicked off the Mole last night, leaving four men and a woman left.

Project Runway: The show reveals its guest judges for Season Five. USA Today previews the upcoming season. Seven gays are on the show this season, according a gay rights blog. (Look for a special PR-only post tomorrow.)

Top Chef: Next season will prominently feature New York’s Benjamin Hotel. What former chef-testant Jennifer Biesty is up to.

American Idol: Less is more, Idol producers have learned. Ace Young to release a debut album

The Hills: Lauren Conrad says she Googles her dates.

Random bits: Jamie Foxx is starting a new reality show on MTV called “G’s to Gents” and it’s a twist on the My Fair Lady concept.

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