All About Project Runway

We’ve all seen the incessant previews on Bravo for the fifth season of Project Runway. There’s the crybaby scenes, the snarky villains and the fan favorites. Well enough of the teases! Project Runway is finally here. The show starts today (July 16). In celebration of the return of this magnificent reality show, I have compiled a slew of updates on previous contestants, as well as news on the upcoming season.

Season One: Check out Season One Winner Jay McCarroll’s blog on Elle’s Web site. McCarroll rips into Tim Gunn. McCarroll’s rather fascinating Wikipedia page, with an explanation of the Project Runway fallout. And a link to his boutique’s Web site. Season One contestant Austin Scarlett’s Web site, which details what he’s been up to since he left the show. More about how Scarlett got his job designing for the Kenneth Pool bridal label. More about this brand from the official Web site. Watch Scarlett on the Real Housewives of Orange County. An interview with Scarlett where he describes how he almost didn’t make it onto the show.

Season Two: Check out Season Two Winner Chloe Dao’s boutique online. Also take a peek at Dao’s Wikipedia page. And her MySpace. Dao says she met her boyfriend 11 days before she found out she was going on the show. Here is Dao in a Houston-area commercial and a tip that she’s planning a big celebration this August for her store. More on her popular Houston store, called Lot 8. Dao at BlogHer says she wants women to achieve their own sense of style. Dao does gadgets. There were rumors she might design a line for Neiman Marcus. Season Two finalist Daniel Vosovic discusses what he’s done since the show ended. Check out Vosovic’s Bravo blog and his Web site. Vosovic unveils his line for hotel employees. More about Vosovic’s hotel clothes here. Here is Vosovic on Lipstick Jungle earlier this year. Vosovic talks about why he’s not that into the last seasons of Project Runway. Let’s not forget about Season Two finalist and bad boy Santino Rice. A fascinating interview with Rice as he watches the premiere of a new season of PR. Another Rice interview about the show. A People magazine story on what Rice has done since the show. He also got the chance to design a dress for the MTV Movie Awards.

Season Three: What happened to Jeffrey Sebelia? Read this fascinating New York magazine article on what it really means to win Project Runway. Sebelia in L.A. Weekly, discussing his upcoming collection and the comment in the New York magazine article that got him fired. Check out the Web site for Sebelia’s fashion line here. This could be second-place Runway designer Uli Herzner’s MySpace page. A Q&A with finalist Laura Bennett from 2006 with fascinating tidbits on her family life. In late 2007, The Boston Globe wrote about Bennett’s plans to return to the fashion world. (To check out Laura’s clothes go to and type in her name). Tim Gunn’s thoughts on the Season Three finalists.

Season Four: Check out the MySpace page of Season Four winner Christian Siriano. An interview with Siriano that delves into his childhood. Siriano gives tips on winning Project Runway. Watch a YouTube of Siriano’s fiercest moments. Here is Siriano on Ellen and Saturday Night Live. Random questions for Siriano in which he reveals that people try to touch him wherever he goes. And another great interview with Siriano. And he apologizes for his “trannie” comments. Finalists Jillian Lewis and Rami Kashou talk about what it was like to get that far and not win. A short biography on Jillian, revealing she auditioned for Season Three but didn’t make it. Check out her Web site and clothing line. An interview with Rami before the finale aired. Heidi wears an unusual Rami dress in Forbes. Rami says he was treated differently from the other designers.

And this upcoming season, Season Five: A nice Washington Post piece reminiscing about the previous seasons and offering insights on this season’s contestants. What it takes to get on Project Runway.Another good preview of this upcoming season.  Watch this video preview. Supposedly there are seven gays in this season of PR. LATimes writes about Season Five. Information on Terri, a Chicago contestant on this season of PR. The scoop on Blayne another Season Five contestant. Leanne, from Portland, is another contestant on this season of PR. Meet Jerrell, yet another designer on Season Five. Check out all of the contestants here.

Readers, let me know if there are more interviews and updates on former PR designers I should include.

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