Wednesday Morning Update

Project Runway: The LA Times examines this season of PR. Seattle barista could be the next Christian Siriano. Houston contestant Jerrell Scott promises to be the most memorable designer on the show.

The Bachelorette: Former contestant Richard Mathy (the science teacher) goes on a date with a woman who won a contest at a local newspaper. DeAnna and Jesse hang out at the Ritz-Carlton.

Flipping Out: In an intense episode that aired last night, assistants Jenni and Chris break up and are headed toward divorce after Jeff Lewis fires Chris for not working and using his office. And how did I not know this before? Also, check out Jenni’s Bravo blog for what she has to say. Chris Keslar says he is disturbed to find out everyone knew about nanny cam except him, Jenni and Chris E. And, get this, Chris Keslar is the brother to Angela Keslar from Season Three of Project Runway! Angela, if you don’t recall, is the woman who really liked to put small flowers on all her clothes. 

Top Chef: Catching up with former finalist Richard Blais, who is promoting the – wait for it – popcornsicle. Antonia Lofaso and Stephanie Izard spotted in Washington, D.C.

American Idol: Producer says David Archuleta sang better than David Cook in the finale.

The Hills: Is there a Hills-type show being filmed in Washington, D.C.?

America’s Next Top Model: A talent agency wants a cut of Jay Manuel’s $400K paycheck.

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