Tuesday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse visit Ohio. Jason Mesnick says he was forbidden from talking to the other bachelors. Jeremy Anderson is dating Chelsea, the Bachelor finalist Matt Grant rejected.

The Bachelor: New York Post’s Page Six reports that Shayne Lamas has dumped Matt Grant over the telephone. 

Top Chef: Bravo may create a Top Chef: Masters.

Project Runway: Is Bravo trying not to promote Project Runway on purpose? A profile on Season Five designer Korto. Now Bravo wants to create a similar reality show called Fashion House. A nice write-up on Jerry Tam, the first designer sent home last week, and why he was the unlikely choice to be sent home first. Heidi Klum says she’s not distracted by the move to Lifetime. What’s up with the former winners of Project Runway?

The Biggest Loser: A family edition of the show premieres Sept. 16.

America’s Next Top Model: The show returns on Sept. 3. Women in Tallahassee audition for the show.

The Hills: Was Lauren’s house investigated for code violations?

Real Housewives of Atlanta: The show will debut Sept. 16.

The Mole: Clay left after getting the lowest score on a quiz.

Random bits: Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company wants to create a reality show about…art? Bailey from Legally Blonde on MTV is dating Dave from Real World. Janice Dickinson reality show to premiere this August.

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