Thursday Morning Update

Project Runway: A funny recap of last night’s show. Vote on who had the best outfit. I can’t find the story online, but the latest issue of People claims that for the first time there is a romance between two designers on Project Runway…most likely two gay men since the one straight guy is married.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna tries on wedding dresses.

Top Chef: Tom Colicchio says next season is filled with extremely talented chefs.

The Mole: Clay Cauley says he wishes Nicole would have self-executed.

Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis and Ryan Brown finally sells their Valley Oak property.

Random bits: Brooke Hogan not speaking to Mom.

One Response

  1. You know I watched the Mole up until the last 5 minutes so I did not know Nicole did not self-execute (didn’t bother looking it up on the web)

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