Thursday Morning Update

The Bachelor: Matt Grant was turned off by how much Shayne Lamas liked to party. And Grant says he never told Shayne she could keep the ring. Karina Smirnoff denies a romance with former Bachelor Andy Baldwin.

Project Runway: Nina Garcia will move to Marie Claire magazine. A play-by-play of last night’s episode where Emily was auf’d.

Top Chef: Sam Talbot is engaged. An interview with former chef-testant Antonia.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse hit the slopes.

The Hills: The show doesn’t represent my true life, Lauren Conrad says. A breakdown of the Hills Season Four trailer.

The Mole: Paul Grassi talks about what it was like to play the game and why he failed the quiz.

America’s Next Top Model: Whitney poses for her Seventeen cover shoot.

American Idol: A peek at the auditions in Utah. A woman who auditioned five times before finally makes it. Former Idol contestant Amanda Overmeyer is recording a southern rock album. A fascinating inside view of what it’s like to audition for the show.

What Not to Wear: Nominate yourself for the show.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kim wants to get a jump-start on planning her wedding to Reggie Bush.

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