Thursday Morning Update

The Bachelor: I got jilted by Jason Mesnick! One woman tells all. Jason says he’s excited about the opportunity to date 25 women at once.

Million Dollar Listing: Madison Hildebrand is cashing in on his reality TV fame by releasing a book. A recap of this week’s episode.

The Hills: A sneak peek at this week’s TV Guide issue on the Hills.

Project Runway: This Runway model dishes on why she left New York after the show.

Real Housewives of New York City: LuAnn is raising eyebrows for her raucous behavior at a recent wedding.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Some behind the scenes dirt on Jon and Kate. The blog of Aunt Jodi’s sister, who clearly has an axe to grind with Jon and Kate.

Top Chef: A former cheftestant is busted for drunk driving.

American Idol: Paula says she’s happy to have Kara as the new judge.

The Bachelor: London Calling: What happened to one of the women who didn’t even make it past the first cut.

America’s Next Top Model: The transgendered model, Isis, finally talks!

Random bits: New reality show called Brides Night Out is casting.

Tuesday Morning Update

Top Chef: Spoilers galore! Another Season Five cheftestant revealed.

American Idol: Fourth judge Kara DioGuardi says she’ll try to just be honest. Former Idol singer Ace Young joins the cast of Broadway’s Grease.

The Hills: A recap of last night’s episode, featuring an awkward Heidi and Lauren encounter. A preview of Heidi and Spencer’s video game.

Project Runway: What’s the story with recently auf’d designer Daniel Feld?

America’s Toughest Jobs: An exhaustive sneak peek at this new reality show.

Monday Morning Update


American Idol/FOX

American Idol/FOX



American Idol: The show adds a fourth judge. Former Idol-er Syesha Mercado says she’s “open to anything” when it comes to her music career. Former Idol contestant Brooke White still hasn’t seen an R-rated movie. How to manage the sudden fame and wealth that comes with being on Idol. Ruben Studdard allegedly owes over 100K in back taxes. Simon Cowell found some parts of Idol boring this year, intends to take bigger role now that the executive producer has left.

Dancing With the Stars: The show’s lineup is revealed, including reality show star Kim Kardashian.

The Bachelor: The next Bachelor Jason Mesnick says he’s pumped about the opportunity to date 25 women at once. Is it sexist that Mesnick isn’t being criticized, and is instead praised, for putting his son through that process again? Former Bachelor Jesse Palmer credits the show for landing him the ESPN gig.

The Apprentice: Reality star Khloe Kardasian to appear on the show’s celebrity version.

The Hills: Popcrunch has the astounding number that the stars of the Hills are paid per episode. Heidi shoots an 80s-themed music video.

Project Runway: Former Runway designer Nick Verreos delivers his hilarious take on the drag queen episode. A little bit about designer Kenley Collins’ past.

Survivor: What former survivor castaway Ethan Zohn has been up to since appearing on the show’s Africa edition.

Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency: How one ordinary guy ended up on the show.

The Biggest Loser: The producers dish on the upcoming family-themed season.

Random bits: Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is excited about her upcoming reality show.

Friday Morning Update


DeAnna Pappas and Jason Mesnick/ABC

DeAnna Pappas and Jason Mesnick/ABC


The Bachelorette: DeAnna gives tips on how to land new Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

The Hills: Ratings are down for the new season. Why Spencer was right to be mad at Heidi when her sister shows up to stay with them.  More evidence the Hills is scripted. Former “Laguna Beach” and “Hills” star Jason Wahler is trying to hide his wild past.

American Idol: Five things Jim Cantiello learned by auditioning for the show. Sanjaya to appear on an insurance commercial.

Project Runway: More recaps of this week’s show: From Entertainment Weekly. From TV Squad. Gawker’s live blog during the show

America’s Next Top Model: One of the models is from Hawaii (and currently is a go-go dancer.)

Supernanny: ABC to air men’s version of the show.

A Shot at Love: Tila Tequila’s new love interest, Courtenay Semel, is cited for allegedly striking a hotel security guard.

The Biggest Loser: A woman sues second-season champion Matt Hoover for claiming to be a personal trainer and causing her bodily harm.

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: The show’s namesake talks about what it’s like to have your own show after spending years on America’s Next Top Model.

Flipping Out: The painting of Jeff’s housekeeper went for 10K in an online auction.

Random bits: Reality TV pioneer Margaret Wilkinson dies.

Thursday Morning Update


Jackie Warner/Bravo

Jackie Warner/Bravo


WorkOut: Bravo allegedly wants Jackie to find a hot new girlfriend. Pics from Jackie’s 40th birthday party that point to another woman being Jackie’s girlfriend.

The Hills: One blogger’s take on why this season will be entertaining. Heidi and Spencer are ready to take over the show if Lauren leaves.

American Idol: Thousands audition in Meadowlands.

America’s Next Top Model: Janice Dickinson praises the show for its transgendered model.

Flipping Out: A recap of the entire season

Top Chef: A fascinating look at New York Magazine’s attempts to spy on Top Chef cheftestants.

Real World: The first public appearance of the Brooklyn housemates.

Project Runway: A sassy recap of last night’s episode. A peek into Runway judge Nina Garcia’s eclectic childhood in Colombia

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor Brad Womack says he tried to end the show two weeks before the finale, but that the producers made him go ring-shopping. Seattle single dad Jason Mesnick is picked to be the next Bachelor.

The Amazing Race: Check out the contestants for this upcoming season.

The Apprentice: Dennis Rodman is cast for the show’s upcoming celebrity edition.

Survivor: Um, this is supposed to shock us? A Season 16 survivor “just wanted to be on TV.”

Random bits: Margaret Cho to have her own reality show.

And the new Bachelor is…Jason Mesnick


Jason Mesnick/ABC

Jason Mesnick/ABC



Looks like Jason Mesnick got more votes to be the next Bachelor than Jeremy Anderson.

ABC said Wednesday it has picked Mesnick to be the next Bachelor. The show will air in January. 

Mesnick wooed DeAnna Pappas during this year’s Bachelorette but was rejected in favor of snowboarder Jesse Csincsak.

EXCLUSIVE: Brad Womack tells all to Austin women


Brad Womack/ABC

Brad Womack/ABC

 A sharply dressed Brad Womack greeted hundreds of adoring women at an events center in Austin on Aug. 9.

It’s one of several public appearances Womack has made since he was on “The Bachelor.”

Womack has recently started doing more press now that the woman he rejected, DeAnna Pappas, has moved on with her “Bachelorette” suitor Jesse Csincsak.

He didn’t have any prepared statement, instead only taking questions from the audience. What he had to say revealed a lot about how “real” reality television really is.

“I 100 percent can promise you I went on looking for a relationship,” Womack said. “What people don’t realize is you see an edited version of the show.”

He adds that “in no way did I go on to promote business,” answering a common skeptical question about whether he went on to the show to promote his four Austin-owned bars.

Womack said he wanted to end the show two weeks before the finale because he knew that it wasn’t going to work out with any of the girls. He had a meeting with the producers and they told him that he was contractually obligated to go through with it. “This is unfair to these girls,” he told the producers.

So those last two weeks, Womack was just going through the motions. “I was told I was going ring shopping,” he said. “I wasn’t asked.” 

He also said he fought with the producers over whether to include shots of him with his shirt off and didn’t like wearing television make-up.

But he contradicted himself, too, saying that he really believes in the concept of the show and that he was never forced to do or say anything. (Hmm…except for the whole proposal thing.) 

What kind of girl is he looking for? “My ideal woman is a friend, period,” Womack said. “Physical attraction comes and goes, we all know that. I just want a friend.”

Take a look at what Womack said below: