Monday Morning Update

Project Runway: The episode aired last week, but I couldn’t resist posting this hilarious summary from New York Magazine. A detailed summary that hints at what is to come this week – stolen fabrics and machines unthreading, oh my! Emily is not happy about Kenley talking s–t about her. Blogging Project Runway has updates on former PR designers, such as Sweet P and Jay McCarroll.

Survivor: Yau-Man Chan’s (Fiji, Fans vs. Favorites) life post-Survivor.

American Idol: David Cook’s brother won’t try out for the show.

The Hills: Lauren Conrad on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, which dishes on how much she makes as the show’s star. The article itself also shows how an entire scene was shot in L.A. recently, some “reality” with a dash of acting. Heidi and Spencer are shopping for a new home in the $15 million price range. Lauren and actor Kyle Howard dodge questions about whether they are dating.

America’s Next Top Model: Nikki Blonsky (from Hairspry) gets into a fight with a former Top Model contestant. Photographer and Top Model Judge Nigel Barker to visit Grand Rapids.

Top Chef: It looks like Season Five cheftestants were asked to do a Today Show challenge.

The Bachelor: Byron and Mary are still trying to work things out. Paul Abdul’s ex may be rekindling their relationship, so he has backed away from being the next Bachelor.

Big Brother: Angie Swindell is evicted from the house.

Random bits: Pamela Anderson’s new reality show, well, kind of sucks.

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