EXCLUSIVE: A night with Jeremy Anderson


Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson


Jeremy Anderson may have looked heartbroken about DeAnna on The Bachelorette, even traveling to visit her after he was kicked off to better understand why.

But his broken heart seems to have healed pretty fast, as he made a an appearance at one of Brad Womack’s clubs, called the Thirsty Nickel, on Friday night to drum up support to be the next Bachelor. Laughing and talking with groups of women who came up to get their picture with him, Jeremy looked relaxed and happy to be the center of attention. The bar even had a large sign up urging people to vote him the next Bachelor. It seems he and Brad Womack have struck up a sort of friendship.


Jeremy Anderson and Brad Womack talk to a fan

Jeremy Anderson and Brad Womack talk to a fan

I had a few moments to talk to Jeremy and I have to say, after speaking with him, I now am rooting for him to be the Bachelor over Jason  Mesnick. He had a lot more personality in person (I had always thought he was a little boring.) And of course, very good looking.

He revealed that he isn’t dating Chelsea, from Season 12 of The Bachelor with Matt Grant.

But they did go on one date when he traveled to California for the Men Tell All episode. He said they actually met on MySpace, where he was communicating with several of the women from that season’s Bachelor. At first he didn’t believe it was really them, but after checking out their pages, and seeing that their friends list contained mostly family and friends, decided to start communicating. 

“She’s a sweet girl, a very sweet girl, and gorgeous,” Jeremy said. But alas, he said she lived in Los Angeles and he, in Dallas. It just wouldn’t have worked out.

Jeremy said he discovered DeAnna picked Jesse a week after he got back from the Bahamas. He was shocked, he said. But after watching the show, understood better why.

“After watching it, I understood why she picked him,” he said. “He’s like the male version of her.” And he diplomatically said that he wishes her the very best and hopes she’s happy.

So if you want Jeremy to be the next Bachelor, vote for him at: 1-866-739-3150. There’s also an e-mail address: kellicastingthebachelor@yahoo.com.

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  2. 8/17/2008

    hi my name is Jennifer Isom and i watched the bachelorette i definitetly think that Jeremy is Good looking Is Smart, Has a great Personality Is Sweet , And If It Does Not Work with the other ladies Than I Would One hundred percent DefinitelyWould Love To Date Him Jeremy Anderson
    Sincerely Always, Jennifer Isom

  3. Jeremy please……

  4. I am in love with this man.:)can i have his number….or e-mail. he look very nice….

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