Thursday Morning Update

Project Runway: Read Tim Gunn’s take on last night’s episode. Designer Kenley Collins says she is worried about how the show will edit her.

Survivor: Micronesia: How much CBS made off this show.

The Real World: What Danny from the show’s San Diego show, is up to.

Dancing With the Stars: The original Batman, Adam West, was considered for the show.

America’s Next Top Model: The show has its first transgendered contestant.

The Hills: Lauren denies a romance with Kyle Howard.

The Mole: Mark Lambrecht says he wasn’t sure he was going to win. Nicole says being on the show has impacted her career, causing her to leave her private practice.

American Idol: Carrie Underwood says fame has made it tough to date.

Random bits: Lifetime wants to make a Hills-like show filmed in Washington, D.C.

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