EXCLUSIVE: Brad Womack tells all to Austin women


Brad Womack/ABC

Brad Womack/ABC

 A sharply dressed Brad Womack greeted hundreds of adoring women at an events center in Austin on Aug. 9.

It’s one of several public appearances Womack has made since he was on “The Bachelor.”

Womack has recently started doing more press now that the woman he rejected, DeAnna Pappas, has moved on with her “Bachelorette” suitor Jesse Csincsak.

He didn’t have any prepared statement, instead only taking questions from the audience. What he had to say revealed a lot about how “real” reality television really is.

“I 100 percent can promise you I went on looking for a relationship,” Womack said. “What people don’t realize is you see an edited version of the show.”

He adds that “in no way did I go on to promote business,” answering a common skeptical question about whether he went on to the show to promote his four Austin-owned bars.

Womack said he wanted to end the show two weeks before the finale because he knew that it wasn’t going to work out with any of the girls. He had a meeting with the producers and they told him that he was contractually obligated to go through with it. “This is unfair to these girls,” he told the producers.

So those last two weeks, Womack was just going through the motions. “I was told I was going ring shopping,” he said. “I wasn’t asked.” 

He also said he fought with the producers over whether to include shots of him with his shirt off and didn’t like wearing television make-up.

But he contradicted himself, too, saying that he really believes in the concept of the show and that he was never forced to do or say anything. (Hmm…except for the whole proposal thing.) 

What kind of girl is he looking for? “My ideal woman is a friend, period,” Womack said. “Physical attraction comes and goes, we all know that. I just want a friend.”

Take a look at what Womack said below:

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