My new obsession: The Rachel Zoe Project

I finally caught “The Rachel Zoe Project” over the weekend and I became so entranced with the show that I nearly missed my Sunday afternoon gym class, the one I always show up 15 minutes early to.

It was that good.

If you don’t know, Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist with high-profile clients like Debra Messing and Jennifer Garner. She was also picked apart in the tabloids for her thin figure, even being accused of making the celebrities she styles thin, like former client Nicole Richie.

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe

I had my suspicions at first. Oh, great, another show about fashion. But it wasn’t Rachel Zoe that sucked me in, but her assistants, Taylor and Brad. Taylor, who dresses like a total hipster, is pretty much a total bitch. But you can tell she’s really good at her job. She makes sure Rachel stays organized and on task, constantly foreseeing problems and taking care of them for her. She definitely isn’t one for small talk, preferring to just get ‘er done.

Brad is adorable. He’s the new assistant who desperately needs some training on how to do is job, only Taylor won’t do that for him. She asks him to make calls to designers, then does it herself. She screams when the studio isn’t neat, but never tells Brad how to organize it. In time the duo learn how to work with each other, after Taylor gets a stern talking-to from Rachel.

Oh, yeah, Rachel. The show’s namesake. At first I was intrigued and admired her business sense. She seems to have carved out a niche for herself in an almost entirely new industry. She has a really cute relationship with her husband, Rodger Berman, an investment banker who now puts on awards shows. 

But after watching three episodes, she’s starting to wear on me. First of all, she is too skinny. I do agree that some people are naturally thin. Not her. You can see her ribs poking out of her chest. You never see her eat, only sipping on venti Starbucks cups. You can tell she’s a smoker, which suppresses the appetite. She definitely knows a lot about fashion and has a cute personality, but I can’t help but wonder what sort of role model she is.

So of course I Google stalked her and found this incredible New York Times Magazine profile of Rachel Zoe that explains a lot. First of all, she orders vegetables but gets mad at the waiter when a small dollop of sauce appears on her plate? Ridiculous. And sounds like someone with food issues. She also seems to gossip about her clients a little too readily.

One of the more endearing moments on the show, however, is when she gets upset about Internet gossip written about her. It’s nice to know how celebrities are impacted by tabloid-ish rumors and sweet to watch her husband comfort her.

Read the article for yourself and make your own judgements. I’ll keep watching, if only to see what happens with poor Brad, who seems on the brink of getting fired every episode.

2 Responses

  1. I think Rachel is Fabulous. She is probably just under a lot of pressure daily with her busy life and I’m not sure if she has a weight problem, but she is still so stylish and sweet.She’s my idol!!!!

  2. After reading this article, I just feel that I really need more info. Could you suggest some more resources please?

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