Wednesday Morning Update

American Idol: Former Idol contestant Clay Aiken reveals what we all already knew: he’s gay. Listen to Idol winner David Cook’s latest single. Chris Daughtry to guest star on CSI:NY.

Whitney Port/Getty Images

Whitney Port/Getty Images

Dancing with the Stars: Jeffrey Ross is devastated about getting booted from the show.

The Hills: Looks like Whitney Port has gotten back together with an old flame.

America’s Next Top Model: Predictions for tonight’s episode. What it’s like to audition for the show.

Project Runway: A good guess at who might be going home tonight.

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone and wife Ivana are going to have a baby.

The Amazing Race: A producer details the upcoming season.

The Real World: America’s Next Top Model isn’t the only show to have a transgendered person.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse say they are scaling back plans for a big wedding.

Exiled: Read Marissa’s diary about her experiences in India.

Random bits: Bravo is casting for several new shows. TruTV will start reality show on skiing.

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