Monday Morning Update

Survivor: Interview with kicked-off castaway Michelle reveals she “cuddled” with fellow survivor Dan, but the producers chose to edit that out.

Jen Schefft/Getty Images

Jen Schefft/Getty Images

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor contestant Jen Schefft and former Bachelorette (yes, the one who rejected both men) is engaged.

The Amazing Race: A recap of last night’s season premiere episode.

The Biggest Loser: The team sent home first is shocked.

The Hills: OMG, are Heidi and Lauren going to reconcile? Check out pics of Audrina’s new million-dollar Hollywood Hills pad.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse take a break from moving in together to make out.

Project Runway: I’m so confused. So it looks like Runway might not be moving to Lifetime just yet. 

Top Chef: Spike Mendelsohn’s new restaurant is cited by the Washington, D.C. Health Department.

Jennifer Hudson/John Spellman

Jennifer Hudson/John Spellman

American Idol: Simon Cowell says no to plastic surgery, yes to Botox. Jennifer Hudson’s new album includes her famous “Dreamgirls” song. Life after Idol: Former contestant Nikki McKibbin still singing…she hosts a weekly karaoke bash in Arlington, Texas.

America’s Next Top Model: The transgendered contestant, Isis, talks about how she got onto the show and why she got eliminated. The show moves to the Oxygen network. An episode summary from last week. What Alaska native Hannah had to say about her elimination.

Random bits: American Idol producers looking for a few good rocker dudes. Even reality shows are reflecting the reality of the sinking real estate market.

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