Tuesday Morning Update

American Idol: Katie “Jordan” Price, who I can’t quite figure out what she is famous for, to guest judge on the show. Simon Cowell make $43 million a year.

Survivor contestant and Olympian Crystal Cox

Survivor contestant and Olympian Crystal Cox

Survivor – Gabon: Gillian said she knew all along Crystal was an Olympic runner, but didn’t understand why she was so slow. An inside look into the production of Survivor.

The Amazing Race: Anita and Arthur Jones, also known as the “old hippies,” were eliminated first from the show.

Top Chef: Former cheftestant Richard Blais is pitching more reality TV ideas to Bravo.

The Hills: Heidi’s mom tells Spencer he’s controlling and manipulative.

Dancing With the Stars: Brooke Burke says her kids love watching her get dressed up for the show.

Project Runway: The Wall Street Journal’s law blog explains some of the behind-the-scenes legal wrangling between NBC and Lifetime.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kate to appear on “Say Yes to the Dress” for her wedding vow ceremony.

America’s Next Top Model: Recent Top Model reject Isis says she “has a lot of personality,” but that it was edited out of the show. A video game version of Top Model will come out in November.

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