Wednesday Morning Update

Survivor: Castaway Charlie Herschel says Clay Aiken told him years ago that he was gay.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

American Idol: Former Idol contestant LaKisha Jones is getting married.

The Girls Next Door: After rumors of girlfriend Holly moving out, other girlfriend Kendra says Hef is “emotional” over changes in the house.

The Real World: Casting for Season 22 continues.

Exiled: Read some excerpts from Meleny’s trip to Peru.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin says they keep the romance alive by having a date night on Thursdays and watching Grey’s Anatomy together.

Kim Kardashian/Wenn

Kim Kardashian/Wenn

America’s Next Top Model: Predictions for tonight’s episode.

Dancing With the Stars: Kim Kardashian gets sent home.

Top Design: A chat with former contestant, Atlanta-based “Big Daddy,” my personal favorite.

Top Chef: Antonia and CJ cook for an LA crowd.

The Amazing Race: Arthur and Anita, aka the “old hippies,” said they did work out before the show.

Random bits: Bravo is allegedly putting together a show about gay men and their straight female friends. Filming for “Rock of Love 3” halted after producer causes fatal car crash.

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