Monday Morning Update

American Idol: Former Idol contestant LaKisha Jones got married.

Jason Mesnick/ABC

Jason Mesnick/ABC

The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick picks hot Brazilian as a finalist for the show, currently filming.

Real Housewives of New York City: Bethenny plays favorites in this interview, saying the one housewife she’d like to be trapped on a desert island with is LuAnn.

Project Runway: Boo! No reunion show will air this week.

Top Chef: Ted Allen won’t return to the show.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: In a People magazine feature, J&K say they want to adopt a Korean baby

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra wants to see more women of different races on the runways. Clark Gilmer, the most recently rejected model, says she thinks Elina will win.

Spencer Pratt/MTV

Spencer Pratt/MTV

The Hills: Spencer denies starting Lauren and Justin Bobby rumor, then trashes her anyway.

Survivor: The show wins last week’s ratings war. Paloma says she thinks Marcus is playing the “sneakiest” game. A parents group is outraged over a “penis shot” that airs during Survivor. Paloma says she had no idea about the Marcus-Charlie alliance.

The Biggest Loser: Jerry Skeabeck said he couldn’t speak to his daughter while she was on the show.

Dancing With the Stars: Misty May-Treanor suffers an injury.

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