Thursday Morning Update

Holly and Hugh, Bridget and Kendra

Holly and Hugh, Bridget and Kendra

America’s Next Top Model: A recap of last night’s episode.

The Girls Next Door: Hugh Hefner confirms his break-up with Holly.

Survivor: Check out this great dissection of the tease for tonight’s episode. Paloma knew she was going home before Tribal Council.

Project Runway: It’s the news all Runway fans have been dreading. The show may not air until at least next summer as the legal wrangling continues.

The Amazing Race: Anthony and Stephanie blame their ouster on a string of bad taxis.

American Idol: Kellie Pickler, an Idol alumna, says she battled depression. Paris Bennett, another Idol alumna, gives birth to a baby girl. Jennifer Hudson’s debut album does well.

Dancing With the Stars: Kim Kardashian says she isn’t returning to the show.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: The women suffer from “new money syndrome,” an O.C. housewife says. The show isn’t good PR for black women, one blog says. This review calls the show “self-indulgent to the point of boredom.”

Jon and Kate and their eight children/TLC

Jon and Kate and their eight children/TLC

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kate tries to get spa treatments once a month.

The Bachelorette: Looks like ABC wants to shoot another season of the show.

Top Chef: Meet Toby Young, the show’s new judge. Check out these bios of the Season Five contestants.

Random bits: Fame, not money, drives reality TV contestants. Will Omarosa and Donald Trump team up to film a dating show?

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