Wednesday Morning Update

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag


The Hills: BIG NEWS! Lauren and Heidi are spotted reconciling. Heidi asks her sister to move out in Monday’s episode. Was she wrong to do that? Lauren hints that she’s ready to leave the Hills.

Project Runway: Check out this summary of each contestant’s fashion week shows and which one will probably win (LeAnne). Contestants aren’t allowed to reproduce anything they design on the show.

American Idol: Simon Cowell makes $36 million a year from Idol, or $22,000 a minute he does the show.

Survivor: Check out this preview for Thursday’s episode. My guess on the strained alliance —  could it be Charlie and Marcus?

The Bachelorette: Trista and Ryan are expecting baby number two, tabloid says.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Summary of Monday’s episode, in which Jon stays at home with the kids while Kate is on a trip to New York. Another quick summary of Monday’s episodes.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Bethenny Frankel, of the show’s New York version, blogs about this show, saying it is “unbelievable to watch this level of conspicuous consumption.” She adds that it is “wildly entertaining,” and says the women appear to stay true to who they are.

Rocco DiSpirito/Getty

Rocco DiSpirito/Getty

Dancing With the Stars: Rocco DiSpirito was kicked off the show after his disappointing samba routine.

Amazing Race: A summary of Sunday night’s episode. Mark and Bill blame their game-ending mistake on lack of oxygen due to the high altitude.

Girls Next Door: Holly says that she isn’t upset Hef has started dating twins.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Is another season in the works? Zoe says she’d love to do it.

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