Tuesday Morning Update

America’s Next Top Model: The remaining girls in Cycle 11 will be headed to Amsterdam. Next season’s girls (Cycle 12) may be going to Brazil.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Answers to those burning questions: Who is Big Poppa and how come we don’t see Lisa Hartwell’s kids on the show? Another Atlanta resident complains about the show and its portrayal of “housewives.”

Danny "GC" Brown


Survivor: Interviews with ousted castaway GC galore! Here’s one from Deadbolt. GC tells People he lost 23 pounds. GC says he knew that Sugar had the idol

Project Runway: Season Two winner Chloe Dao presents her fall collection in Houston, credits Runway with her success. Former Runway designer Nick Verreos details what the Runway wrap party was like. Lifetime wants to move Runway dispute to federal court.

The Rachel Zoe Project: A lovely review of the show’s first season.

The Hills: Audrina tells Justin “I’m done.” (But previews for next week show she goes running back to him).

The Amazing Race: Marisa and Brooke discuss why they were sent home.

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