Wednesday Morning Update

Dancing With the Stars: Brooke Burke wins Season Seven, beating out former football pro Warren Sapp and N’Sync star Lance Bass. Brooke says she is keeping the mirror ball trophy in her kids’ room. Some of the professional dancers are questioning Julianne Hough’s decision to leave the show.

America’s Next Top Model: Finalist Analeigh talks about choking on her Cover Girl shoot.

Survivor: This week’s episode isn’t new, it’s just a clip show. Ousted castaway Randy says Survivor is like an all-expenses paid vacation.

Project Runway: Season Two finalist Daniel Vosovic is promoting his book on fashion.

Top Chef: Former cheftestant-turned-Top Chef-culinary supervisor Lee Anne Wong says the show isn’t as carefully put together as it seems. And, what does “New American” mean anyway?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak has nothing but nice things to say about NeNe in this People magazine interview. (She also discloses more about Big Papa and her true age.) And Kim isn’t posing for Playboy, which she hinted at in a recent interview.

The Bachelorette: What Jessse Csincsak has been up to since DeAnna broke up with him.

The Bachelor: Sarah Brice said Charlie O’Connell’s excessive drinking was a factor in their break up last year.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: The controversy over whether J&K are being exploitive.

Rachel Zoe Project: Brad is still employed as her assistant (thank god!)

Heidi and Spencer get married


Heidi Montag and Spencer PRatt

Heidi Montag and Spencer PRatt



Love-to-hate couple Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt eloped in Mexico last week.

In what seems like an obvious publicity grab, they didn’t tell their families, but they did tell Perez Hilton and Us Weekly, which has the story on their cover for this week.

I watched Heidi’s sister, Holly, on the the Hills after show on Monday. You could tell she was truly shocked and surprised to hear the news, and when she learned it had happened three days ago, she teared up.

But she did wish the couple the couple well, as did Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port.

Monday Morning Update

Survivor: Hallelujah! Annoying Randy is finally gone. Former castaway Ace Gordon hit a guy, not a girl, in a Florida bar. In an interview, Randy says Sugar is worse than Osama bin Laden and Charles Manson.

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor Charlie O’ Connell and his final pick, Sarah Brice, are back on.

Project Runway: Check out PR winner Leanne Marshall’s new Web site.

The Bachelorette: Former Bachelorette suitor John Paul Merritt in financial trouble.

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Banks show is moving to the CW.

Rachel Zoe Project: Nicole Richie and Rachel are friends again.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim and Big Papa, her mysterious rich boyfriend, broke up. An in-depth interview with Lisa and NeNe, in which NeNe describes her relationship with Sheree as “cordial.” Sheree’s clothing line will be in stores by Fall 2009. More rumors on who Big Papa is.

BREAKING NEWS: DeAnna Pappas calls off engagement

DeAnna and Jesse have called off their engagement, according to Us Weekly magazine.

Jesse says that DeAnna broke up with him through a video on the couple’s Web site. DeAnna apparently told him “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.”

I couldn’t be more shocked at this news! DeAnna and Jesse had me convinced they were going to make it to the alter, from setting the date to setting up the Web site.

Readers, what do you think? Did you see this coming?