Special Edition: The Bachelor fallout


Jason Mesnick proposes to Melissa Rycroft/ABC

Jason Mesnick proposes to Melissa Rycroft/ABC


UPDATED ON 3/6 at 4:53 p.m.

I decided to do a special edition today on the Bachelor. As I’m sure all of the Bachelor fans already know, Bachelor Jason Mesnick dumped the woman he gave the final rose to, Melissa Rycroft,  for the runner-up, Molly Malaney.

This was a twist that one blogger, Reality Steve, had predicted weeks ago.

But the controversy ensues because many think, including Melissa herself, that Jason had contact with Molly after the show ended. There are accusations, too, that ABC set this up as a ratings-booster.

Check out some of the stories on this below:

On the Ellen DeGeneres show, Melissa accuses Jason of cheating.

Jason complains about the public backlash to the LA Times.

Melissa declined an offer to be the next Bachelorette.

Another Bachelor contestant, Jillian Harris,will be the next Bachelorette instead.

Molly says that she and Jason are “happier than ever.”

Ex-Bachelor Andy Baldwin, and Former Bachelorette Trist Sutter criticize Jason’s decision.

Host Chris Harrison defends the decision to film the break-up and denies that Jason and Molly had seen each other since New Zealand.

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss says Jason wasn’t required to break up with Melissa on the show.

Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone isn’t buying Jason’s “poor me” act.

Jason tells Ellen DeGeneres that he regrets breaking up with Melissa on TV.

And, finally, leaked e-mails where Melissa rips into Jason for the on-camera dumping and Jason tries to blame the producers.

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