Jesse Csincsak: Bachelor Jason Mesnick wasn’t pressured by producers


Jesse Csincsak and Jason Mesnick/ABC

Jesse Csincsak and Jason Mesnick/ABC

Former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak is defending the Bachelor Jason Mesnick for his very public break-up with Melissa Rycroft to In Touch Weekly.

 Csincsak said Jason didn’t plan the break-up in advance. “We’re both from Ohio, and I believe him when he says he didn’t plan any of this.”

He said DeAnna also introduced him to Holly, his current girlfriend who is on the Bachelor: London Calling season. 

“After we broke up, I called Holly and said, “Hey, would you like to come out to Colorado and go snowboarding?” So far, it’s great! We’re just taking it slow.”

2 Responses

  1. jesse is the only one out there publicly with the courage to provide the support that jason really deserves. he is a good man and unlike other people from the show like trista, ryan, firestone, etc. he is basing his comments on what is right and not duped by melissa’s bs. shame on you trista and ryan…looks like you want to help your marketing opportunities by attacking someone who in reality was the only bachelor to stick to his principles and not go ahead with a dead relationship. remember, jason, melissa and exec. prod fleiss all admitted that jason and melissa were broken up before the atfr…and jason did not want to do it the show when it was already over…so melissa, chris harrison and jason put on a nic
    btw, melissa has now shared in an entertainment magazine that her career goal is to be an entertainment news correspondent, when she told jason it was to be a grade school teacher…i guess she is the same as deanna pappas…only went on the bachelor to get into the entertainment field. so melissa is really a fraud and a phony.

  2. I have to agree with Diane, Jason did the right & honest thing!! It may not have been the most classy or tactful way of doing things but he did what he thought was right for himself, Melissa & Ty – not to mention Molly of course. I admire Jason for his honesty, I really do, and although Melissa was hurt in the process, she is now very happy & admitted that all things happen for a reason… I know there are sooo many ppl out there who consider Jason a BIG jerk, but they shouldnt be so quick to judge if they’ve NEVER been in his position – give the guy a break…

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