Wednesday Morning Update

Top Chef: Predictions for tonight’s episode. Fan upset by Padma’s attitude. 

American Idol: Does Fox want to get rid of Ryan Seacrest as an Idol host? David Cook’s former bandmates talk about what his life was like pre-Idol. Carly Simon is a big Brooke White fan. Fox wants to change the format of Idol. Paula Abdul screws up and critiques Jason Castro on a second song, when he only sang one. 

Survivor Micronesia: Jeff Probst signs on for more seasons, hints at where the location is for the next season, and talks about his break-up with Julie Berry.

Dancing With the Stars: Shannon Elizabeth cut. Karina says her and Mario are just fine.

Beauty and the Geek: This season might be its last. 

The Hills: Jason Wahler says he doesn’t have sex tape of Lauren.


Thursday Morning Update

Dancing With the Stars: Adam Corolla is relieved that he was kicked off. More on Corolla from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Survivor: Interview with ousted contestant Ami.

The Bachelor: Andy Baldwin talks to People about his budding romance. And Marla Maples talks about Andy, too.

Top Chef: Thoughts on Top Chef from Dana Cree, pastry chef at Veil. Interview with contestant Valerie.

American Idol: A show re-cap

Beauty and the Geek: Jonathan explains why he felt betrayed.

New Reality Shows: Will Axl Rose get his own show? What about Pamela Anderson?

Behind the Camera: Reality TV show workers file claims for unpaid overtime.