Monday Morning Update

America’s Next Top Model: Recently ousted Brittany Rubalcaba reflects on her Top Model experience. She also has some regrets for things she said on the show.

Project Runway: Lindsay Lohan to guest judge on next season’s premiere episode.

Dan Gheesling/CBS

Dan Gheesling/CBS

American Idol: David Cook has a release date for his album.

Big Brother: Dan Gheesling discusses his $500,000 win

Meet the Barkers: Travis Barker seriously injured in jet crash along with his friend DJ AM.

Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List: The show might leave Bravo.

The Hills: It’s true, Audrina did move out.

The Biggest Loser: The first couple booted off says they are still losing weight.

Random bits: Find out which reality shows scored an Emmy last night.

Wednesday Morning Update

Top Chef: A blogger’s take on Tom Colicchio’s new restaurant.

American Idol: Kara, the fourth judge, says she is getting used to the spotlight.

Kara DioGuardi

Kara DioGuardi

Project Runway: Meet Terri Stevens, the designer who got kicked off the show last week.

Top Design: Designers from Project Runway will judge this week’s episode.

Tyra Banks/Americas Next Top Model

Tyra Banks/America's Next Top Model


America’s Next Top Model: Clips of tonight’s makeover show. One former Top Model winner has a stalker who likes to send her expensive shoes. Can I have a stalker, please? Viewers seem to be accepting Isis for who she is, even if some of her housemates aren’t.

Real World/Road Rules: MTV getting blasted for not being environmentally friendly during taping.

Exiled: This blogger is rightly skeptical about whether the supposed transformation these young girls and boys go through.

The Bachelorette: By all accounts, DeAnna and Jesse are still going strong.

Big Brother: Dan Gheesling wins the final $500,000 prize.

The Hills: A few details leaked about the Whitney-inspired Hills spin-off called The City. And Us Weekly did a recap of Monday night’s episode.

Random bits: Gawker previews some of the upcoming reality shows.

Friday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan celebrate their son’s first birthday. DeAnna and Jesse return to her home town in celebrity style. And they eat frozen yogurt in L.A.

Project Runway: A recap of Wednesday night’s episode.

America’s Next Top Model: The modeling industry and shows like ANTM are still obsessed with very skinny girls. A gay rights group praises ANTM for its tranny contestant.

Top Chef: More rumors about who is on the show next season.

Big Brother: Libra Thompson was evicted.

The Mole: What Craig did to convince players he wasn’t the Mole.

Monday Morning Update

Project Runway: The episode aired last week, but I couldn’t resist posting this hilarious summary from New York Magazine. A detailed summary that hints at what is to come this week – stolen fabrics and machines unthreading, oh my! Emily is not happy about Kenley talking s–t about her. Blogging Project Runway has updates on former PR designers, such as Sweet P and Jay McCarroll.

Survivor: Yau-Man Chan’s (Fiji, Fans vs. Favorites) life post-Survivor.

American Idol: David Cook’s brother won’t try out for the show.

The Hills: Lauren Conrad on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, which dishes on how much she makes as the show’s star. The article itself also shows how an entire scene was shot in L.A. recently, some “reality” with a dash of acting. Heidi and Spencer are shopping for a new home in the $15 million price range. Lauren and actor Kyle Howard dodge questions about whether they are dating.

America’s Next Top Model: Nikki Blonsky (from Hairspry) gets into a fight with a former Top Model contestant. Photographer and Top Model Judge Nigel Barker to visit Grand Rapids.

Top Chef: It looks like Season Five cheftestants were asked to do a Today Show challenge.

The Bachelor: Byron and Mary are still trying to work things out. Paul Abdul’s ex may be rekindling their relationship, so he has backed away from being the next Bachelor.

Big Brother: Angie Swindell is evicted from the house.

Random bits: Pamela Anderson’s new reality show, well, kind of sucks.

Friday Morning Update

The Bachelor: It’s over! Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant call it quits.

Project Runway: Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault are dating. Wesley talks about getting auf’d and the shocking statement his model made before she picked out the fabrics.

The Bachelorette: Was Graham dating someone during the show? This report addresses rumors that Graham asked to be taken out of the show.

Big Brother: Steven Daigle leaves the house.

The Real World: Brianna Taylor’s album doing well on iTunes.

Top Chef: A peak at the latest Top Chef contestants shopping at Whole Foods.

Monday Morning Update


UPDATE (1 p.m.): Project Runway contestants unveiled

American Idol: The Seattle Times reviews the American Idol tour, praising both Davids for their performance.

America’s Next Top Model: The Colorado audition has a surprising low turnout. Inside the Lubbock audition, with an interview on the area’s winner.

The Hills: Audrina says she didn’t move out of the house.

The Bachelorette: Jesse tells his hometown paper there were lots of little moments between him and DeAnna that never aired, like cooking each other breakfast.

Real World: A summary of this season’s reunion show.

Big Brother: It doesn’t start until July 13, but to get you in the Big Brother-ish mood, here’s a top ten list of villains from previous seasons.

WorkOut: Is Jackie Warner dating an ex?

Flipping Out: A fascinating look into the world of Jeff Lewis.

The Apprentice: Joan Rivers to be on the show’s next celebrity edition.

The Amazing Race: Lesbian couple from the show get married.

Random bits: Read about how actors feel about reality television. A television writer’s experience of being on a simulated “Big Brother” show, and how the team of writers quickly feel into reality show cliches.