Wednesday Morning Update

Survivor: Castaway Charlie Herschel says Clay Aiken told him years ago that he was gay.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

American Idol: Former Idol contestant LaKisha Jones is getting married.

The Girls Next Door: After rumors of girlfriend Holly moving out, other girlfriend Kendra says Hef is “emotional” over changes in the house.

The Real World: Casting for Season 22 continues.

Exiled: Read some excerpts from Meleny’s trip to Peru.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin says they keep the romance alive by having a date night on Thursdays and watching Grey’s Anatomy together.

Kim Kardashian/Wenn

Kim Kardashian/Wenn

America’s Next Top Model: Predictions for tonight’s episode.

Dancing With the Stars: Kim Kardashian gets sent home.

Top Design: A chat with former contestant, Atlanta-based “Big Daddy,” my personal favorite.

Top Chef: Antonia and CJ cook for an LA crowd.

The Amazing Race: Arthur and Anita, aka the “old hippies,” said they did work out before the show.

Random bits: Bravo is allegedly putting together a show about gay men and their straight female friends. Filming for “Rock of Love 3” halted after producer causes fatal car crash.

Wednesday Morning Update

American Idol: Former Idol contestant Clay Aiken reveals what we all already knew: he’s gay. Listen to Idol winner David Cook’s latest single. Chris Daughtry to guest star on CSI:NY.

Whitney Port/Getty Images

Whitney Port/Getty Images

Dancing with the Stars: Jeffrey Ross is devastated about getting booted from the show.

The Hills: Looks like Whitney Port has gotten back together with an old flame.

America’s Next Top Model: Predictions for tonight’s episode. What it’s like to audition for the show.

Project Runway: A good guess at who might be going home tonight.

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone and wife Ivana are going to have a baby.

The Amazing Race: A producer details the upcoming season.

The Real World: America’s Next Top Model isn’t the only show to have a transgendered person.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse say they are scaling back plans for a big wedding.

Exiled: Read Marissa’s diary about her experiences in India.

Random bits: Bravo is casting for several new shows. TruTV will start reality show on skiing.

Wednesday Morning Update

Top Chef: A blogger’s take on Tom Colicchio’s new restaurant.

American Idol: Kara, the fourth judge, says she is getting used to the spotlight.

Kara DioGuardi

Kara DioGuardi

Project Runway: Meet Terri Stevens, the designer who got kicked off the show last week.

Top Design: Designers from Project Runway will judge this week’s episode.

Tyra Banks/Americas Next Top Model

Tyra Banks/America's Next Top Model


America’s Next Top Model: Clips of tonight’s makeover show. One former Top Model winner has a stalker who likes to send her expensive shoes. Can I have a stalker, please? Viewers seem to be accepting Isis for who she is, even if some of her housemates aren’t.

Real World/Road Rules: MTV getting blasted for not being environmentally friendly during taping.

Exiled: This blogger is rightly skeptical about whether the supposed transformation these young girls and boys go through.

The Bachelorette: By all accounts, DeAnna and Jesse are still going strong.

Big Brother: Dan Gheesling wins the final $500,000 prize.

The Hills: A few details leaked about the Whitney-inspired Hills spin-off called The City. And Us Weekly did a recap of Monday night’s episode.

Random bits: Gawker previews some of the upcoming reality shows.

Wednesday Morning Update

The Real Housewives of New York City: Simon and Alex are spotted hanging at a beach in St. Barth’s — naked. Bethenny Frankel says she likes shopping at IKEA and Costco.

Top Chef: Former cheftestant Josie Smith-Malave is named executive chef at Norwood.

America’s Next Top Model: Transgendered models are nothing new in the fashion industry, Nigel Barker says. A preview of the models on this season of the show.

Project Runway: Three black designers still left.

What Not to Wear: Clinton Kelly visiting Memphis to give fashion advice.

The Hills: Is Whitney really leaving for New York City?

Million Dollar Listing: Madison Hildebrand talks about his life on the show, and what he thinks of the other agents. Agent Chad Rogers has a blog and seems to enjoy making fun of himself.

The Bachelorette: Yes, it’s true. Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin will officiate DeAnna and Jesse’s wedding.

Exiled: Read Ana’s diary from her trip to Thailand.

Survivor: Gabon: Meet this season’s castaways.

Random bits: Deal or No Deal finally has a million dollar winner.