Tuesday Morning Update

Real Housewives of Orange County: (SPOILER) Gretchen’s fiance, Jeff, passed away in September, after filming for the show ends.

Real World: Brooklyn: Check out these amazing pics of their loft.

America’s Next Top Model: Judge Nigel Barker has a baby.

Whitney Port/MTV

Whitney Port/MTV

The City: More on Whitney’s fake job.

The Rachel Zoe Project: After interview in which Rachel says she doesn’t think she’s too thin, now comes this alarming photo.

American Idol: Fantasia Barrino, former Idol winner, faces foreclosure…Depressed Paula Abdul fan had previously tried to commit suicide in front of her house.

The Amazing Race: Nick and Starr say half of the race is pure luck.

Random bits: Bravo renews Million Dollar Listing, Rachel Zoe, and Flipping out. (Yes!)

Friday Morning Update


DeAnna Pappas and Jason Mesnick/ABC

DeAnna Pappas and Jason Mesnick/ABC


The Bachelorette: DeAnna gives tips on how to land new Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

The Hills: Ratings are down for the new season. Why Spencer was right to be mad at Heidi when her sister shows up to stay with them.  More evidence the Hills is scripted. Former “Laguna Beach” and “Hills” star Jason Wahler is trying to hide his wild past.

American Idol: Five things Jim Cantiello learned by auditioning for the show. Sanjaya to appear on an insurance commercial.

Project Runway: More recaps of this week’s show: From Entertainment Weekly. From TV Squad. Gawker’s live blog during the show

America’s Next Top Model: One of the models is from Hawaii (and currently is a go-go dancer.)

Supernanny: ABC to air men’s version of the show.

A Shot at Love: Tila Tequila’s new love interest, Courtenay Semel, is cited for allegedly striking a hotel security guard.

The Biggest Loser: A woman sues second-season champion Matt Hoover for claiming to be a personal trainer and causing her bodily harm.

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: The show’s namesake talks about what it’s like to have your own show after spending years on America’s Next Top Model.

Flipping Out: The painting of Jeff’s housekeeper went for 10K in an online auction.

Random bits: Reality TV pioneer Margaret Wilkinson dies.

Thursday Morning Update


Jackie Warner/Bravo

Jackie Warner/Bravo


WorkOut: Bravo allegedly wants Jackie to find a hot new girlfriend. Pics from Jackie’s 40th birthday party that point to another woman being Jackie’s girlfriend.

The Hills: One blogger’s take on why this season will be entertaining. Heidi and Spencer are ready to take over the show if Lauren leaves.

American Idol: Thousands audition in Meadowlands.

America’s Next Top Model: Janice Dickinson praises the show for its transgendered model.

Flipping Out: A recap of the entire season

Top Chef: A fascinating look at New York Magazine’s attempts to spy on Top Chef cheftestants.

Real World: The first public appearance of the Brooklyn housemates.

Project Runway: A sassy recap of last night’s episode. A peek into Runway judge Nina Garcia’s eclectic childhood in Colombia

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor Brad Womack says he tried to end the show two weeks before the finale, but that the producers made him go ring-shopping. Seattle single dad Jason Mesnick is picked to be the next Bachelor.

The Amazing Race: Check out the contestants for this upcoming season.

The Apprentice: Dennis Rodman is cast for the show’s upcoming celebrity edition.

Survivor: Um, this is supposed to shock us? A Season 16 survivor “just wanted to be on TV.”

Random bits: Margaret Cho to have her own reality show.

Wednesday Morning Update


Marla Rutherford/Entertainment Weekly)

Lauren, Whitney and Audrina from the Hills (Credit: Marla Rutherford/Entertainment Weekly)


The Hills: Lauren Conrad says tour buses come to her house 15-20 times a day.

The Mole: A more detailed explanation of how Mark Lambrecht won the game.

The Bachelorette: Poor Jason Mesnick! Not enough women wanted to pay $125 to spend the night with him. What DeAnna and Jesse are doing to be a normal couple.

Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis is going to let housekeeper Zoila sell her birthday-present painting and keep the money.

Project Runway: Brooke Shields to guest-judge in this preview video for tonight’s episode.

The Real World: Filming begins in Brooklyn

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 11 cast members are revealed.

A Shot at Love: Tila Tequila’s has a new girlfriend.

What Not to Wear: A sneak peek at the show’s upcoming Philadelphia-based fashion victims.

Tuesday Morning Update



The Mole (Credit: ABC)

The Mole: Craig is the mole and Mark is the winner. Are there sparks between Nicole and Alex?

The Bachelorette: Check out DeAnna and Jesse’s My Space page.

Flipping Out: The reunion show is tonight.

Top Chef: More cheftestants revealed.

Project Runway:  Runway designers to appear on Top Design.

Random bits: Salma Hayek wants to produce a reality series about weddings. The Sundance Channel has ordered a reality show about the environmental origins of everyday objects. CNBC will air the British version of the Apprentice. Bravo’s Date My Ex must be a product of the writer’s strike.

Friday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: Here’s your chance to spend the night with Jason Mesnick. An astrological reading of DeAnna and Jesse’s future. Whatever happened to living in Atlanta? A realtor showed DeAnna and Jesse homes on the West Coast. A top Bachelorette producer has signed on with Warner Horizon. Remember Bachelorette contestant Fred? He’s interviewed by Extra (and he’s still single, ladies.)

The Real World: Melinda and Danny from the show’s Austin version get married.

Project Runway: A recap of Wednesday’s show. Chris March to host new TVGuide show.

Top Chef: The Food Network is planning a Top Chef rip-off. Season Five cheftestants spotted at Whole Foods. One of the Season Five cheftestants is identified.

Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis sold the rights to a how-to book on real estate investing. 

America’s Next Top Model: The cast list for Cycle 11.

American Idol: Bo Rice and wife have a baby boy.

The Hills: Lauren Conrad can’t wait to be an Emmy presenter.

Jeff Lewis interview on Chelsea Lately


ABC News)

Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out (Credit: ABC News)



I had to link to this hilarious interview with Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis. He actually comes across very charming and admits to having work done (ahem, lips). He said to catch Jenni’s soon-to-be-ex-husband abusing his time at work, he installed not just a Nanny Cam but also Web software to track what he was doing on Jeff’s computer. Surprise, Surprise he likes young girls. He also confesses to giving bad references so that his employees won’t leave.