Tuesday Morning Update

Real Housewives of Orange County: (SPOILER) Gretchen’s fiance, Jeff, passed away in September, after filming for the show ends.

Real World: Brooklyn: Check out these amazing pics of their loft.

America’s Next Top Model: Judge Nigel Barker has a baby.

Whitney Port/MTV

Whitney Port/MTV

The City: More on Whitney’s fake job.

The Rachel Zoe Project: After interview in which Rachel says she doesn’t think she’s too thin, now comes this alarming photo.

American Idol: Fantasia Barrino, former Idol winner, faces foreclosure…Depressed Paula Abdul fan had previously tried to commit suicide in front of her house.

The Amazing Race: Nick and Starr say half of the race is pure luck.

Random bits: Bravo renews Million Dollar Listing, Rachel Zoe, and Flipping out. (Yes!)

Wednesday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: DeAnna’s season of the Bachelorette up for an award.

DeAnna Pappas/ABC

DeAnna Pappas/ABC

Top Chef: More spoilers! Two more Season Five cheftestants revealed.

America’s Next Top Model: Predictions on tonight’s episode. Professional volleyball player Kim Glass has tried out for ANTM five times, but is too grounded for the show.

Big Brother: Keesha Smith leaves the house.

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis/Us Weekly

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis/Us Weekly

The Apprentice: Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis says he’s not doing the show’s celebrity edition.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: A recap of Monday night’s camping-tastic show.

The Bachelor: Remember the Nashville doctor, Travis Stork? He’s getting back into reality. Funny because this January 2008 article says he didn’t want to do TV after the Bachelor.

Million Dollar Listing: Season Two is over, but not without a near fist-fight in the finale.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Check out her cute, (sigh) gay male assistant.

WorkOut: Photos from a recent SkyLab retreat.

Wednesday Morning Update

The Real Housewives of New York City: Simon and Alex are spotted hanging at a beach in St. Barth’s — naked. Bethenny Frankel says she likes shopping at IKEA and Costco.

Top Chef: Former cheftestant Josie Smith-Malave is named executive chef at Norwood.

America’s Next Top Model: Transgendered models are nothing new in the fashion industry, Nigel Barker says. A preview of the models on this season of the show.

Project Runway: Three black designers still left.

What Not to Wear: Clinton Kelly visiting Memphis to give fashion advice.

The Hills: Is Whitney really leaving for New York City?

Million Dollar Listing: Madison Hildebrand talks about his life on the show, and what he thinks of the other agents. Agent Chad Rogers has a blog and seems to enjoy making fun of himself.

The Bachelorette: Yes, it’s true. Former Bachelor Andy Baldwin will officiate DeAnna and Jesse’s wedding.

Exiled: Read Ana’s diary from her trip to Thailand.

Survivor: Gabon: Meet this season’s castaways.

Random bits: Deal or No Deal finally has a million dollar winner.

Thursday Morning Update

The Bachelor: I got jilted by Jason Mesnick! One woman tells all. Jason says he’s excited about the opportunity to date 25 women at once.

Million Dollar Listing: Madison Hildebrand is cashing in on his reality TV fame by releasing a book. A recap of this week’s episode.

The Hills: A sneak peek at this week’s TV Guide issue on the Hills.

Project Runway: This Runway model dishes on why she left New York after the show.

Real Housewives of New York City: LuAnn is raising eyebrows for her raucous behavior at a recent wedding.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Some behind the scenes dirt on Jon and Kate. The blog of Aunt Jodi’s sister, who clearly has an axe to grind with Jon and Kate.

Top Chef: A former cheftestant is busted for drunk driving.

American Idol: Paula says she’s happy to have Kara as the new judge.

The Bachelor: London Calling: What happened to one of the women who didn’t even make it past the first cut.

America’s Next Top Model: The transgendered model, Isis, finally talks!

Random bits: New reality show called Brides Night Out is casting.