Friday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse launch their own Website. Check out this lovely chart on how previous Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have fared. A video interview with DeAnna, where she answers such burning questions as why, if she wanted stability and kids, did she pick Jesse. UPDATE: DeAnna and Jesse make out at the Dodgers ball game on Thursday.

The Bachelor: Dad weighs in on whether Matt and Shayne are still together.

The Real World: An update on what all the Hollywood cast members are up to.

American Idol: Ex-Idol Kellie Pickler wants to do Dancing With the Stars.

The Hills: Speidi learn to shoot guns. No, really.

She’s Got the Look: Tanya Hutchinson wins this modeling show for women over 35.

Top Chef: The show is coming to a city near you.