Monday Morning Update

The Hills: Audrina is determined to find the person who burglarized her house…Pictures of the show’s stars having

Jerry Sims/Survivor Credit: CBS

Jerry Sims/Survivor Credit: CBS

lunch on Saturday…Lauren Conrad writes a fiction novel that sounds suspiciously like her own life.

Survivor: Ousted castaway Jerry talks about his time on Tocantins.

The Bachelor: The big finale is tonight! The Seattle Times runs through all the possibilities for the “shocking” season finale…Jason tells People his decision on the final rose was “very difficult.”

Top Chef: Finalist Carla says Jamie, Audrina deserved to stay in Top Chef …Finalist Stefan says he’s still in love with Jamie, is working on a clothing line…A recap of the finale…Winner Hosea says he plans to open his own restaurant, is working with Whole Foods on its prepared foods.

America’s Next Top Model: The show is looking for short models for its next season…How the show compares the the edgy Make Me a Supermodel.

Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger

Millionaire Matchmaker: Patti Stanger says the recession hasn’t hurt her business one bit.

American Idol: Seattle Times blogger says the show has no clear fan favorite…Judge Paula Abdul says adding a fourth judge slows down the pace of the show…Three more final-12 singers are picked.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Housewife Kim Zolciak sues her former publicist.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Contrary to rumors, Zoe’s rep says she is still working with stars Debra Messing and Cameron Diaz.

Dancing With the Stars: Actor Gilles Marini from “Sex and the City: The Movie” ends up in the hospital after rehearsal.

Random bits: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld to create reality show on marriage.

Tuesday Morning Update

Real Housewives of Orange County: (SPOILER) Gretchen’s fiance, Jeff, passed away in September, after filming for the show ends.

Real World: Brooklyn: Check out these amazing pics of their loft.

America’s Next Top Model: Judge Nigel Barker has a baby.

Whitney Port/MTV

Whitney Port/MTV

The City: More on Whitney’s fake job.

The Rachel Zoe Project: After interview in which Rachel says she doesn’t think she’s too thin, now comes this alarming photo.

American Idol: Fantasia Barrino, former Idol winner, faces foreclosure…Depressed Paula Abdul fan had previously tried to commit suicide in front of her house.

The Amazing Race: Nick and Starr say half of the race is pure luck.

Random bits: Bravo renews Million Dollar Listing, Rachel Zoe, and Flipping out. (Yes!)

Monday Morning Update

Top Chef: A recap of last week’s episode.

The Hills: I love it! A manifesto into the real lives of the Hills stars vs. the fake lives they portray on the show… Audrina and Justin Bobby are back on.

Project Runway: Tim Gunn is worried no one will ever see the show’s sixth season.

The Amazing Race: No surprise here, front-runners Nick and Starr win.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna Pappas was spotted partying in Boston.

Survivor: Episode recap from last week (confession: I bawled the first half)…In an interview, ousted castaway Corinne is even more bitchy than on the show, and won’t own up to the fact that she got out-played… Corinne says fake immunity idol shows Sugar’s “true colors.”

The Real World: Check out cast bios for next season.

Real Housewives of New York City: Alex McCord is writing a book on parenting.

The Rachel Zoe Project: I die. Rachel Zoe will return for a second season…  What you didn’t know about her assistant, Taylor.

Random bits: Looks like brief appearances on The Hills wasn’t enough for People’s Revolution head Kelly Cutrone, now she is doing her own reality series…Celebrity Apprentice roster is revealed… A contestant on “A Double Shot at Love” is killed in a car crash.

Wednesday Morning Update

Dancing With the Stars: Brooke Burke wins Season Seven, beating out former football pro Warren Sapp and N’Sync star Lance Bass. Brooke says she is keeping the mirror ball trophy in her kids’ room. Some of the professional dancers are questioning Julianne Hough’s decision to leave the show.

America’s Next Top Model: Finalist Analeigh talks about choking on her Cover Girl shoot.

Survivor: This week’s episode isn’t new, it’s just a clip show. Ousted castaway Randy says Survivor is like an all-expenses paid vacation.

Project Runway: Season Two finalist Daniel Vosovic is promoting his book on fashion.

Top Chef: Former cheftestant-turned-Top Chef-culinary supervisor Lee Anne Wong says the show isn’t as carefully put together as it seems. And, what does “New American” mean anyway?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak has nothing but nice things to say about NeNe in this People magazine interview. (She also discloses more about Big Papa and her true age.) And Kim isn’t posing for Playboy, which she hinted at in a recent interview.

The Bachelorette: What Jessse Csincsak has been up to since DeAnna broke up with him.

The Bachelor: Sarah Brice said Charlie O’Connell’s excessive drinking was a factor in their break up last year.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: The controversy over whether J&K are being exploitive.

Rachel Zoe Project: Brad is still employed as her assistant (thank god!)

Monday Morning Update

Survivor: Hallelujah! Annoying Randy is finally gone. Former castaway Ace Gordon hit a guy, not a girl, in a Florida bar. In an interview, Randy says Sugar is worse than Osama bin Laden and Charles Manson.

The Bachelor: Former Bachelor Charlie O’ Connell and his final pick, Sarah Brice, are back on.

Project Runway: Check out PR winner Leanne Marshall’s new Web site.

The Bachelorette: Former Bachelorette suitor John Paul Merritt in financial trouble.

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Banks show is moving to the CW.

Rachel Zoe Project: Nicole Richie and Rachel are friends again.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim and Big Papa, her mysterious rich boyfriend, broke up. An in-depth interview with Lisa and NeNe, in which NeNe describes her relationship with Sheree as “cordial.” Sheree’s clothing line will be in stores by Fall 2009. More rumors on who Big Papa is.

Tuesday Morning Update

America’s Next Top Model: The remaining girls in Cycle 11 will be headed to Amsterdam. Next season’s girls (Cycle 12) may be going to Brazil.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Answers to those burning questions: Who is Big Poppa and how come we don’t see Lisa Hartwell’s kids on the show? Another Atlanta resident complains about the show and its portrayal of “housewives.”

Danny "GC" Brown


Survivor: Interviews with ousted castaway GC galore! Here’s one from Deadbolt. GC tells People he lost 23 pounds. GC says he knew that Sugar had the idol

Project Runway: Season Two winner Chloe Dao presents her fall collection in Houston, credits Runway with her success. Former Runway designer Nick Verreos details what the Runway wrap party was like. Lifetime wants to move Runway dispute to federal court.

The Rachel Zoe Project: A lovely review of the show’s first season.

The Hills: Audrina tells Justin “I’m done.” (But previews for next week show she goes running back to him).

The Amazing Race: Marisa and Brooke discuss why they were sent home.

Wednesday Morning Update

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag


The Hills: BIG NEWS! Lauren and Heidi are spotted reconciling. Heidi asks her sister to move out in Monday’s episode. Was she wrong to do that? Lauren hints that she’s ready to leave the Hills.

Project Runway: Check out this summary of each contestant’s fashion week shows and which one will probably win (LeAnne). Contestants aren’t allowed to reproduce anything they design on the show.

American Idol: Simon Cowell makes $36 million a year from Idol, or $22,000 a minute he does the show.

Survivor: Check out this preview for Thursday’s episode. My guess on the strained alliance —  could it be Charlie and Marcus?

The Bachelorette: Trista and Ryan are expecting baby number two, tabloid says.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Summary of Monday’s episode, in which Jon stays at home with the kids while Kate is on a trip to New York. Another quick summary of Monday’s episodes.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Bethenny Frankel, of the show’s New York version, blogs about this show, saying it is “unbelievable to watch this level of conspicuous consumption.” She adds that it is “wildly entertaining,” and says the women appear to stay true to who they are.

Rocco DiSpirito/Getty

Rocco DiSpirito/Getty

Dancing With the Stars: Rocco DiSpirito was kicked off the show after his disappointing samba routine.

Amazing Race: A summary of Sunday night’s episode. Mark and Bill blame their game-ending mistake on lack of oxygen due to the high altitude.

Girls Next Door: Holly says that she isn’t upset Hef has started dating twins.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Is another season in the works? Zoe says she’d love to do it.