Friday Morning Update

Nikki McKibbin

Nikki McKibbin

American Idol: Season one contestant Nikki McKibbin says Simon’s verbal abuse led her to drugs, depression. Paula Abdul is angry after learning what her co-stars make.

Project Runway: No surprise — Leanne won the final prize. Leanne say she wants to be like Michael Kors. Stella “Leatha” Zotis capitalizing on newfound fame, will open an NYC store. Runway contestant and Nice Guy Joe Faris says sassy finalist Kenley “didn’t have the best social skills.”

Survivor: GC is out, Fang starts to crumble.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: The real real housewives of Atlanta hate this show. Like most reality tv stars, NeNe Leakes has dreams of becoming an actress.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna and Jesse visit the happiest place on Earth.

WorkOut: Jackie Warner’s boot camp costs $6,000.

America’s Next Top Model: A recap of Wednesday’s episode (which featured never aired scenes from the season).

The Biggest Loser: Rejected Loser contestant Shellay Cremen says she didn’t mind the different teams twist.

Random bits: ABC will air “Super Manny” show.

Wednesday Morning Update

The Bachelorette: DeAnna’s season of the Bachelorette up for an award.

DeAnna Pappas/ABC

DeAnna Pappas/ABC

Top Chef: More spoilers! Two more Season Five cheftestants revealed.

America’s Next Top Model: Predictions on tonight’s episode. Professional volleyball player Kim Glass has tried out for ANTM five times, but is too grounded for the show.

Big Brother: Keesha Smith leaves the house.

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis/Us Weekly

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis/Us Weekly

The Apprentice: Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis says he’s not doing the show’s celebrity edition.

Jon and Kate Plus 8: A recap of Monday night’s camping-tastic show.

The Bachelor: Remember the Nashville doctor, Travis Stork? He’s getting back into reality. Funny because this January 2008 article says he didn’t want to do TV after the Bachelor.

Million Dollar Listing: Season Two is over, but not without a near fist-fight in the finale.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Check out her cute, (sigh) gay male assistant.

WorkOut: Photos from a recent SkyLab retreat.

Monday Morning Update


UPDATE (1 p.m.): Project Runway contestants unveiled

American Idol: The Seattle Times reviews the American Idol tour, praising both Davids for their performance.

America’s Next Top Model: The Colorado audition has a surprising low turnout. Inside the Lubbock audition, with an interview on the area’s winner.

The Hills: Audrina says she didn’t move out of the house.

The Bachelorette: Jesse tells his hometown paper there were lots of little moments between him and DeAnna that never aired, like cooking each other breakfast.

Real World: A summary of this season’s reunion show.

Big Brother: It doesn’t start until July 13, but to get you in the Big Brother-ish mood, here’s a top ten list of villains from previous seasons.

WorkOut: Is Jackie Warner dating an ex?

Flipping Out: A fascinating look into the world of Jeff Lewis.

The Apprentice: Joan Rivers to be on the show’s next celebrity edition.

The Amazing Race: Lesbian couple from the show get married.

Random bits: Read about how actors feel about reality television. A television writer’s experience of being on a simulated “Big Brother” show, and how the team of writers quickly feel into reality show cliches.

Thursday Morning Update

Top Chef: What Richard is up to after Top Chef. Are the next contestants headed to Williamsburg?

The Bachelorette: A preview of next week’s episode.

The Hills: Heidi and Spencer launch their own social network site.

Real Housewives of New York City: Bethenny launches a new line of vegan desserts.

Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis talks about seeking therapy and the new season. Another interview with Jeff and Jenni about what its like to be reality stars and Jeff’s attempts to work out his issues.

WorkOut: An interview with Brian Peeler and Gregg Butler on what they’re up to now and how the surprising circumstances in which they got onto the show.

Project Runway: Tim Gunn panicked at the idea of moving the show to Los Angeles.

New reality show: Baby Borrowers brings baby-hungry teens face-to-face with the reality of raising children.

Wednesday Morning Update

American Idol: David Cook is dating ex-Idoler Kimberly Caldwell. Paula Abdul isn’t allowed to go on Dancing With the Stars. Cook never thought he’d win American Idol. An interview with David Archuleta.

The Bachelorette: Trista and Ryan in talks to do another reality show. 

The Real World: Interview with Paula from the Key West edition.

America’s Next Top Model: Former Model winner CariDee hospitalized for dehydration.

Top Chef: Episode predictions

WorkOut: A review of Jackie’s new workout DVD.

Real Housewives of New York City: Bethenny stars in a low-budget thriller from ’94.

So You Think You Can Dance: LA Times attends the auditions and pontificates on the resurgence of dance.

Monday Morning Update

WorkOut: Jackie talks to Elle magazine and dishes about why she gets along better with straight women than lesbians. Greg writes about his reaction to Jackie’s fitness clothing line.

American Idol: Info on Idol’s summer tour. David Archuleta’s fans blog about why he will win. Newsday on which David will win. Las Vegas odds also on David Archuleta to win. Taylor Hicks to join the cast of Broadway’s Grease. Idol singers often land on Broadway. Syesha Mercado talks about getting voted off and her plans for the future, which include, well, doing just about everything.

Top Chef: Interview with latest ousted chef, Andrew, in which he reveals Sam Talbot was wearing shoulder pads and that Lisa’s efforts to get him kicked out still rankle him. Adam Platt’s take on last week’s episode. Another interview with Andrew.

Survivor: Micronesia: Here come the interviews! Interview with Natalie Bolton, the last fan standing. Amanda talks about what it was like to come so close to winning, twice.

The Hills: What it’s like to hang with Heidi and Spencer. Audrina may be out of the picture, Perez Hilton says.

The Bachelor: London Calling: Right after the finale, Girls Gone Wild magazine publishes racy photo shoot with Shayne. Matt and Shayne talk about their romance and the origins of “monkey.”

America’s Next Top Model: Whitney talks about how she didn’t think she was going to win, and the friends she’s made while filming the show.

Step it Up and Dance: Read last week’s episode summary.

Friday Morning Update

America’s Next Top Model: Whitney is the first full-figured woman to win the show! But Fatima is still mad about it

The Hills: What I’ve learned from being on a reality show.

American Idol: David Archuleta greeted by screaming fans. An interview with David A. and one with Syesha. Is Idol stale?

Top Chef: Interview with Andrew from Top Chef, the latest chef-testant to leave.

Workout: Brian Peeler talks about leaving Sky Sport and what Jackie said about his client.

The Bachelor: VH1 has required the rights to run all the old episodes of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Here we come, Bachelor marathon! Watch the video of Matt and Shayne on Ellen. Chelsea talks to Reality TV World about getting the boot.