Is American Idol rigged?

Someone who works on the staff of the hit reality show American Idol is running around telling people that the show is rigged and the top four have already been chosen.

American Idol contestant Lil Rounds/FOX

American Idol contestant Lil Rounds/FOX

According to the New York Daily News:

The female “AI” worker told a “group of people that the last four are going to be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace,” said our insider. Asked if this was opinion or actual fact, the staffer vehemently retorted, “Those ARE the people,” saying it wasn’t mere speculation.

Jesse Csincsak: Bachelor Jason Mesnick wasn’t pressured by producers


Jesse Csincsak and Jason Mesnick/ABC

Jesse Csincsak and Jason Mesnick/ABC

Former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak is defending the Bachelor Jason Mesnick for his very public break-up with Melissa Rycroft to In Touch Weekly.

 Csincsak said Jason didn’t plan the break-up in advance. “We’re both from Ohio, and I believe him when he says he didn’t plan any of this.”

He said DeAnna also introduced him to Holly, his current girlfriend who is on the Bachelor: London Calling season. 

“After we broke up, I called Holly and said, “Hey, would you like to come out to Colorado and go snowboarding?” So far, it’s great! We’re just taking it slow.”

Tuesday Morning Update

Real Housewives of New York: Housewife and stuck-up socialite Kelly Killoren Bensimon was arrested for allegedly hitting her boyfriend.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Dancing With the Stars: Check out former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison and Bachelor reject Melissa Rycroft on the show’s Monday premiere….Another recap of the show with Melissa gushing about the experience.

The City: Is heartbroken Whitney Port ready for life in the big city?

Jon and Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin denies marital troubles.

American Idol: The season really begins now…Entertainment Weekly has advice for the final 13.

Survivor: Camera-operator has seizure while interviewing Jeff ProbstSurvivor: China winner Todd Herzog is dating a Spencer from Survivor: Tocantins.

The Amazing Race: Ousted racers Amanda and Kris talk about being on the show.

Real World: A fascinating look at what it’s like to audition for the Real World.

Monday Morning Update

Jon and Kate Plus 8: In Touch Weekly reports that Jon and Kate are having marital problems.

Melissa Rycroft/ABC

Melissa Rycroft/ABC

Dancing With the Stars: Rejected Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft’s 15 minutes of fame aren’t over yet — she will be on Dancing With the Stars.

Top Chef: Check out Season Five runner-up Stefan’s new clothing line.

The Bachelorette: Former Bachelorette and Bachelor star Trista Sutter says she’s hoping her second baby won’t be premature…Check out pictures from Trista’s baby shower…Former Bachelorette final rose winner Jesse Csincsak will be on America’s Most Wanted.

The Bachelor: Jason says he’s “not happy” with the criticism he’s received.

The Hills: Lauren says being on the show felt like leading a double life.

American Idol: Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson will be on the show on Wednesday.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Housewife Sheree Whitfield is being sued for not paying her legal bills for her divorce…The new housewife will be Kandi Burruss, a successful singer and songwriter.

America’s Next Top Model: A recap of last week’s premiere episode…A big turnout in Jacksonville for auditions for next season.

Special Edition: The Bachelor fallout


Jason Mesnick proposes to Melissa Rycroft/ABC

Jason Mesnick proposes to Melissa Rycroft/ABC


UPDATED ON 3/6 at 4:53 p.m.

I decided to do a special edition today on the Bachelor. As I’m sure all of the Bachelor fans already know, Bachelor Jason Mesnick dumped the woman he gave the final rose to, Melissa Rycroft,  for the runner-up, Molly Malaney.

This was a twist that one blogger, Reality Steve, had predicted weeks ago.

But the controversy ensues because many think, including Melissa herself, that Jason had contact with Molly after the show ended. There are accusations, too, that ABC set this up as a ratings-booster.

Check out some of the stories on this below:

On the Ellen DeGeneres show, Melissa accuses Jason of cheating.

Jason complains about the public backlash to the LA Times.

Melissa declined an offer to be the next Bachelorette.

Another Bachelor contestant, Jillian Harris,will be the next Bachelorette instead.

Molly says that she and Jason are “happier than ever.”

Ex-Bachelor Andy Baldwin, and Former Bachelorette Trist Sutter criticize Jason’s decision.

Host Chris Harrison defends the decision to film the break-up and denies that Jason and Molly had seen each other since New Zealand.

Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss says Jason wasn’t required to break up with Melissa on the show.

Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone isn’t buying Jason’s “poor me” act.

Jason tells Ellen DeGeneres that he regrets breaking up with Melissa on TV.

And, finally, leaked e-mails where Melissa rips into Jason for the on-camera dumping and Jason tries to blame the producers.

Monday Morning Update

The Hills: Audrina is determined to find the person who burglarized her house…Pictures of the show’s stars having

Jerry Sims/Survivor Credit: CBS

Jerry Sims/Survivor Credit: CBS

lunch on Saturday…Lauren Conrad writes a fiction novel that sounds suspiciously like her own life.

Survivor: Ousted castaway Jerry talks about his time on Tocantins.

The Bachelor: The big finale is tonight! The Seattle Times runs through all the possibilities for the “shocking” season finale…Jason tells People his decision on the final rose was “very difficult.”

Top Chef: Finalist Carla says Jamie, Audrina deserved to stay in Top Chef …Finalist Stefan says he’s still in love with Jamie, is working on a clothing line…A recap of the finale…Winner Hosea says he plans to open his own restaurant, is working with Whole Foods on its prepared foods.

America’s Next Top Model: The show is looking for short models for its next season…How the show compares the the edgy Make Me a Supermodel.

Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger

Millionaire Matchmaker: Patti Stanger says the recession hasn’t hurt her business one bit.

American Idol: Seattle Times blogger says the show has no clear fan favorite…Judge Paula Abdul says adding a fourth judge slows down the pace of the show…Three more final-12 singers are picked.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Housewife Kim Zolciak sues her former publicist.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Contrary to rumors, Zoe’s rep says she is still working with stars Debra Messing and Cameron Diaz.

Dancing With the Stars: Actor Gilles Marini from “Sex and the City: The Movie” ends up in the hospital after rehearsal.

Random bits: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld to create reality show on marriage.

Has fame ruined the authenticity of Jon and Kate Plus 8?


Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children/TLC

Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight children/TLC


I’m a huge fan of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8. I dig Kate’s bossy demeanor and can’t get enough of her cute-as-a-button kids. 

But I’m also familiar with the Gosselin haters out there, the ones that believe she treats her children like commodities to make more money and think her bossy behavior emasculates her husband Jon.

I’ve finally read a great article on this very topic in Philadelphia Magazine which poses the question of: has the fame and the money made Jon and Kate less relatable and led to a backlash? It brings up the disappearance of Aunt Jodi and her friend Beth, and the noticeably more put-together Kate.

I still defend the show and Jon and Kate, but this article made me wonder what their exit strategy is. How long can this go on? Will they be so cute when they’re studying for their SATs or learning to drive a car? Will they stop before the backlash becomes so bad they can no longer profit from their fame with books and speaking engagements? 

What do you think, readers? Are Jon and Kate simply taking advantage of a good situation, trying to create the best life for their children with a nice house and robust college savings funds? Or have they gone too far?