EPISODE RECAP: Real Housewives of NYC, Episode 7

Oh Kelly. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. 

Where do we start? Going into last night’s showdown-happy episode of the Real Housewives of New York, it seem the countess/soon-to-be x-countess/countess in spirt LuAnn de Lesseps would steal the show with the breaking news of her separation from the count earlier in the day (was that planned?)

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

 However, Kelly Killoren Bensimon took that honor. We see Kelly still steaming from last week’s encounter when Bethenny Frankel, where she called Kelly “Madonna” for her apparent lack of compassion or interest for Jill Zarin’s arthritis charity. 

We hear Kelly say it’s high school behavior, and such confrontation is completely inappropriate. 

So what does she do? Set up a confrontation with Bethenny!

The has-been model invited the health foods entrepreneur to meet at a bar for yet another RHNY showdown, and as far as it came off on television, I’m calling Bethenny 1, Kelly 0.

Kelly was 30 minutes late. She was frantic and out of control, in Bethenny’s face, constantly shifting in her seat and rambling. And she hardly made sense.

Bethenny, meanwhile, called her out her tardiness (“Too bad,” Kelly tells her when she arrives). She appeared honest and in control. And if you want to talk about class, Bethenny brought it.

You have to hand it to the countess later on in the show, who reacts confused at Kelly’s version of the events. In a limo ride to an event, LuAnn laughs when Kelly tells her she not only set up the meeting but was 30 minutes late. 

“Honey goes a long way,” with Bethenny, LuAnn tells the camera later. 

This brings us to yet another one of last night’s many showdowns: Jill Zarin vs. Mario Singer (spouse of housewife Ramona Singer). 

We see Mario get in Jill’s face (“You’re fifteen minutes of fame are getting to your head” he tells her) and taunt her about an upcoming tennis match (Mario was some amazing tennis player that none of us have ever heard of).

Jill gets increasingly upset (“I’m going to punch you in the face”), tries to ignore him while on her blackberry and calls her “security” (her driver? who was this guy? and where was her husband?) 

Now, was it just me, or do you find it completely inappropriate for a man to get into it with one of his wife’s friends? Isn’t that his wife’s territory?

And Jill, stop smiling when you get angry. And start telling people to get out of your face when it’s time. Oh, and Jill’s husband, really, you got to step in dude, that went a little too far. 

I’m calling Mario 0, Jill 1. 

Mario hadn’t had enough with Jill, however, and made his way with Ramona into another little tizzy with Brooklyn couple Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen. Initially the four were having a gregarious conversation (even Ramona was talking to Simon) about the run-in with Jill and their set up for a re-match tennis game. 

But things turned less cordial when Simon asked what retail entrepreneur couple’s problem was with the van Kempens. 

That’s when Ramona confesses they were extremely upset that the van Kempens came to an event at their home 24 hours before naked photos of Alex were released. 

“You knew,” Ramona says, to which Alex and Simon say they didn’t, they were as surprised as anyone. 

The blasphemy! Then, Simon rightfully calls Ramona out for hanging out with a Playboy Playmate model and turning the knife on the van Kempens. 

“Hypocrites,” Simon calls out as they walk away from the feud.

On this one, I’m calling Simon/Alex 1, Ramona/Mario 0.

Next week: we find out Jill’s secret partner in the Mario tennis match. This should be fun!

-Posted by Mariah

EPISODE RECAP: Real Housewives of New York City

Please welcome our newest contributor, Mariah! This is her first episode recap of “Real Housewives of New York City.”

Let the Bethenny and Kelly showdown begin!

 On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, we saw health foods entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Killoren Bensimon go at it over the has-been model’s lack of interest volunteering her name to an arthritis charity event. 

Photo credit: Bravo

Photo credit: Bravo

And the showdown was sweet! Bethenny calls Kelly a “Madonna” to which Kelly reacts defensively. The moment followed Kelly’s earlier reflection that Bethenny has a serious problem with her.

You think?

Last night, Bethenny reveals she visited Kelly’s apartment two years ago with her then boyfriend, rock-n-roll photographer Kevin Mazur to attend a private Ginny Hilfiger fashion show. Kelly was MIA initially, only to appear later to “flirt” with Kevin.

Fast-forward to the Jill Stuart show at New York Fashion Week, and Kelly and Bethenny are seated front row next to each other with plenty of tension in the air. Bethenny tells Kelly the shows are really Kelly’s thing, not hers. And gives her the cold shoulder. 

Back to the charity meeting.  

Kelly arrived 30 minutes late to the meeting that had Bethenny, Long Islander Jill Zarin and daughter Allyson, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps well into discussions about an upcoming event.

The charity, CreakyJoints, is Jill’s special project. Daughter Ally has arthritis, to which Kelly responded “That’s cute.”

Uh, right.

Next, we see the ladies looking over a mocked up invitation for the event, and the ladies learn they will be listed as co-chairs. To which we see Kelly say, uh, no, I don’t think so.

“I don’t lend my name out to anything,” she tells the ladies forcefully.

Already, earlier in the episode, we see Kelly tell Luanne that she just “doesn’t do charities.”

This is also in the same episode where we hear Kelly tell us her money comes from a successful writing career for a variety of publications, including the New York Post’s Page Six.

And that was just one of last night’s showdown. 

Ramona Singer hands Simon van Kempen another blistering comment during their own NY fashion week front row run-in: “You have no depth,” the blonde told him as he hovered awkwardly over her seat. It was part two of the pair’s unfriendly run-ins, the last one during RH’s last season when Simon showed up for a “girl’s night.”

Alex McCord retrieves her husband, but not until it’s too late. Simon harped Ramona for a handshake, then a kiss and then a reason for for her annoyance.

The conflict made for a good episode in which we also saw Jill shopping among $30,000 Zang Toi dresses at a special showing and later a private fashion show for Jill and other Toi friends. The only other Housewife in attendance, Bethenny, even admits she couldn’t afford even one of the designer’s pieces. 

Jill reflects how lucky she is to get this sort of private showing, but girlfriend, I have news for you: Zoi just likes your pocketbook, and your friend’s pocketbooks, and that camera tailing you in last night’s episode.

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