Wednesday Morning Update

American Idol: Simon Cowell gushes about Britney Spears’ performance on the British version of the show. Next season the show will allow contestants to be more “emotional.” Check out this list of rumored Season Eight finalists for the show.

Dallas and Toni

Dallas and Toni/Amazing Race

The Amazing Race: Ousted contestant Dallas says he and fellow contestant Starr have been dating for six months.

The Hills: Heidi and Spencer call into the after show to confirm their still-not-yet legal marriage. Audrina denies calling Lauren a slut on her blog.

The Real World: Check out this sneak peek into the Brooklyn season, with some hilarious cast bios, including a hipster Mormon. Some details on what the house looks like that the Brooklyn cast lived in.

The Bachelor: One Montana grandmother has put together a petition to get Jesse Csincsak on the show.

Survivor: One blogger’s argument for why Crystal and Kenny shouldn’t win the $1 million. Next season starts Feb. 12.

Top Chef: Ousted cheftestant Richard Sweeney says the judging on last week’s episode took between seven to eight hours, even though only about 15 minutes aired.

Project Runway: Season Four winner Christian Siriano to design a line of purses and shoes for Payless.

Random bits: The L.A. Times notes the lack of enthusiasm Britney Spears seems to have in her performances, and notes her MTV-aired interviews showed mood swings.

Monday Morning Update

Jacque Berg/CBS


Survivor: Jacque Berg says she was secretly in an alliance with Sugar and Ace. In this interview Jacque says being in Africa was a total detox from our techology-crazed society.

Dancing with the Stars: After being criticized for her heavier frame, Cheryl Burke’s friends are speaking out.

The Hills: Audrina says she was picked on in high school for having guy friends.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna says she wasn’t impressed with Jesse when she first met him. DeAnna and Jesse win reality TV award. The lovebirds are urging their fans to write to ABC to get their wedding televised.

Random bits: Ted Allen’s Food Detective show was renewed for a second season. Jay Manuel denies that his new show, “Operation Fabulous,” is a Top Model spin-off.

TOP TV PICKS for Monday, Oct. 13: Jon and Kate Plus 8 at 9/8 central. And The Hills at 10/9 central.

Monday Morning Update

The Hills: Project Runway’s Christian Siriano elaborates on why he’s not into Lauren and Heidi’s fashion lines. Heidi is hotter than Lauren, according to Maxim magazine. A preview of the latest Heidi/Spencer, or “Speidi,” fight, airing on tonight’s episode. Heidi and Spencer celebrate Mother’s Day. Audrina to star in Into the Blue 2.

The Paper: A great interview with Amanda Lorber, editor of MTV’s “The Paper.”

Top Chef: Interview with Ted Allen hints at what is to come in the finale. New York magazine interview with Nikki Cascone, who talks about the perils of working with Dale. Could Top Chef Season Five be in Toronto? A scoop on what restaurant might be featured in a future episode.

American Idol: Why David Archuleta’s dad isn’t allowed backstage anymore. A profile of Debra Byrd, Idol’s vocal coach. Will the show lower its age requirements?

Real Housewives of New York City: The show is looking to cast more ladies.

Survivor: Micronesia: Parvati wins.

ON TONIGHT: The Bachelor finale, The Hills finale, Dancing with the Stars

Question: Tonight’s the Bachelor finale. Who do you think will win and why? (Personally, my money is on Chelsea. I think the producers are setting us up to think it is Shayne.)

Tuesday Morning Update

Not much news today. Here’s what I could dig up:

The Bachelor: Picks Chelsea over Amanda, despite declaring earlier in the episode that he was feeling more love from the sea turtles he was swimming with than Chelsea. 

American Idol: Carly Smithson talks about Simon’s harsh comments and life after Idol. Don’t hate – it’s Neil Diamond week. Fox is considering major changes to Idol after sinking ratings.

The Hills: Read the Us Weekly recap of last night’s episode.

Top Chef: Casting call for Season Five includes New Orleans among other large cities. Like the rest of us, Padma Lakshmi just wants her mommy. Celebrities to visit Top Chef and Step it Up and Dance this week.

Survivor: Jeff Probst hints that another castaway will leave – but won’t be voted off.

Other Reality Stars: Brooke Hogan denied entrance to three colleges because of VH1 camera crew. Kathy Griffin and Apple billionaire break up.


Monday Morning Update

The Bachelor: Through the magic of conference calls, Noelle dishes to Colorado newspaper about not getting a rose. Web sites Reality TV World, and Reality Wanted also write about it. 

Real Housewives of New York City: The show is over, but the drama continues. Turns out Alex McCord wasn’t the only “housewife” to go topless in the past.

Survivor: Jason talks to Buddy TV about the confusing immunity idols and much more. And another interview with Reality TV World.

American Idol: Top Five contestants answer questions from a writer for the official “American Idol” Web site.

Wednesday Morning Update

The Hills: Spencer gets an advice column. Heidi’s new single available on iTunes, in which she croons about love gone bad. Missed this week’s episode? Check out Us Weekly’s handy Hills summary

Dancing With the Stars: (Show Re-Cap) Monica Seles, Penn Jillette voted off. Third season contestant Sara Evans engaged.

American Idol: Ex-Idol Josiah Leming lands record deal. Clay Aiken has a new album coming out.

The Real Housewives of New York City: Bethenny Frankel, also of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, inks a book deal.

Survivor: Kathleen Sleckman talks about getting cast off Survivor to Reality TV World

In other news: Discovery Channel wants to do Jonas Brothers reality show. 

Monday Morning Update

The Hills: Lauren Conrad knows “a lot of people don’t take me seriously.” She also criticized Us Weekly’s cover story on her MySpace pageOn the Audrina naked pics? Kristin doesn’t care. Survivor: Tracy Hughes-Wolf talks about getting booted off Survivor-Micronesia. The Bachelor: What was the deal with those panties? Stacey tells all.