Lauren Conrad is leaving the Hills


Lauren Conrad has officially confirmed she is leaving the Hills in an interview with Seventeen magazine. The fourth season will continue airing on MTV in March. The fourth season will be her last.

“My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing,” she told Seventeen. “I always want to remember it that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and stay sane.’ ”

Wednesday Morning Update

American Idol: Simon Cowell gushes about Britney Spears’ performance on the British version of the show. Next season the show will allow contestants to be more “emotional.” Check out this list of rumored Season Eight finalists for the show.

Dallas and Toni

Dallas and Toni/Amazing Race

The Amazing Race: Ousted contestant Dallas says he and fellow contestant Starr have been dating for six months.

The Hills: Heidi and Spencer call into the after show to confirm their still-not-yet legal marriage. Audrina denies calling Lauren a slut on her blog.

The Real World: Check out this sneak peek into the Brooklyn season, with some hilarious cast bios, including a hipster Mormon. Some details on what the house looks like that the Brooklyn cast lived in.

The Bachelor: One Montana grandmother has put together a petition to get Jesse Csincsak on the show.

Survivor: One blogger’s argument for why Crystal and Kenny shouldn’t win the $1 million. Next season starts Feb. 12.

Top Chef: Ousted cheftestant Richard Sweeney says the judging on last week’s episode took between seven to eight hours, even though only about 15 minutes aired.

Project Runway: Season Four winner Christian Siriano to design a line of purses and shoes for Payless.

Random bits: The L.A. Times notes the lack of enthusiasm Britney Spears seems to have in her performances, and notes her MTV-aired interviews showed mood swings.

Heidi and Spencer get married


Heidi Montag and Spencer PRatt

Heidi Montag and Spencer PRatt



Love-to-hate couple Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt eloped in Mexico last week.

In what seems like an obvious publicity grab, they didn’t tell their families, but they did tell Perez Hilton and Us Weekly, which has the story on their cover for this week.

I watched Heidi’s sister, Holly, on the the Hills after show on Monday. You could tell she was truly shocked and surprised to hear the news, and when she learned it had happened three days ago, she teared up.

But she did wish the couple the couple well, as did Audrina Partridge and Whitney Port.

Monday Morning Update

Jacque Berg/CBS


Survivor: Jacque Berg says she was secretly in an alliance with Sugar and Ace. In this interview Jacque says being in Africa was a total detox from our techology-crazed society.

Dancing with the Stars: After being criticized for her heavier frame, Cheryl Burke’s friends are speaking out.

The Hills: Audrina says she was picked on in high school for having guy friends.

The Bachelorette: DeAnna says she wasn’t impressed with Jesse when she first met him. DeAnna and Jesse win reality TV award. The lovebirds are urging their fans to write to ABC to get their wedding televised.

Random bits: Ted Allen’s Food Detective show was renewed for a second season. Jay Manuel denies that his new show, “Operation Fabulous,” is a Top Model spin-off.

TOP TV PICKS for Monday, Oct. 13: Jon and Kate Plus 8 at 9/8 central. And The Hills at 10/9 central.

Thursday Morning Update

America’s Next Top Model: Check out this recap of last night’s makeover show.

Project Runway: Check out this recap of last night’s episode. We all know now that Joe was auf’d last night on Runway, but he talks about how great the experience was and the thrill of being able to show at Bryant Park.

The Hills: A preview of next week’s epsiode…with the infamous Stephanie-Doug date. Brody says he and Stephanie are friends now.

Tuesday Morning Update

Top Chef: Spoilers galore! Another Season Five cheftestant revealed.

American Idol: Fourth judge Kara DioGuardi says she’ll try to just be honest. Former Idol singer Ace Young joins the cast of Broadway’s Grease.

The Hills: A recap of last night’s episode, featuring an awkward Heidi and Lauren encounter. A preview of Heidi and Spencer’s video game.

Project Runway: What’s the story with recently auf’d designer Daniel Feld?

America’s Toughest Jobs: An exhaustive sneak peek at this new reality show.

Tuesday Morning Update


The Hills/MTV

The Hills/MTV



The Hills: Check out this live blog of last night’s Season Four premiere. Spencer and Heidi want to get married on live television. Listen to Heidi’s new song.

The Real World:  Pictures of the housemates for the show’s Brooklyn season have surfaced. Casting for Season 22 begins. Beth Stolarczyk from Season Two is pregnant and married.

The Bachelorette: What DeAnna’s friends say about Jesse. An update on former contestant Ryan Hoag’s (he was the virgin) football dreams.

Project Runway: Kelli Martin’s popularity soars in Ohio after being on the show. Martin discusses her auf-ing and why she’s angry about how it went down. More about this season’s PR designer (and last week’s winner) Keith Bryce. Wrrrow! Cat fight between Runway judge Nina Garcia and another Elle editor.

Dancing With the Stars: A burglar has stolen items from two of the show’s dancing pros. 

A Shot at Love: Are they serious? Yep, this show is prepping for Season Three.

Top Chef: Check out New York Magazine’s guide to Chef spoilers and updates.

American Idol: Singers trying out for the show shouldn’t audition in the morning.

Random bits: Do you remember that reality school that grooms students for reality show stardom? AdAge has the inside scoop on what the school is like. There may be a reality show airing about a Katy, Texas football team.